Until further notice all Alliance Board and Board Committee meetings will be held virtually only. Please review the instructions for joining and/or making public comment located on the specific event page on the Alliance Calendar.

The Board is currently seeking applicants for one seat representing Cumberland County, one representing Durham County, and one representing Wake County. Please scroll down this page for more information or to apply.

Our Board Members

Alliance is governed by a talented and diverse Board of Directors responsible for comprehensive planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring of community-based mental health, intellectual and developmental disability and substance use services to meet the needs of individuals from Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties.

Through our network of providers, our use of innovative approaches, and our commitment to our communities, we work every day to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve. Learn more about our Board members.

Gino Pazzaglini

Gino Pazzaglini

Chair, Durham
Lynne Nelson

Lynne Nelson

Vice-Chair, Wake County
Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams

Cumberland BOCC
Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Durham County
Tony Braswell

Tony Braswell

Johnston BOCC
Heidi Carter

Heidi Carter

Durham BOCC
Carol Council

Carol Council

Durham County
David Curro

David Curro

Durham County
Angela Diaz

Angela Diaz

Wake County
Greg Ford

Greg Ford

Lodies Gloston

Lodies Gloston

Cumberland County
David Hancock

David Hancock

Wake County
Duane Holder

Duane Holder

Cumberland County
Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson

Johnston County
Donald McDonald

Donald McDonald

Wake County
Pam Silberman

Pam Silberman

Durham County
McKinley Wooten, Jr.

McKinley Wooten, Jr.

Wake County

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

All Board and Board Committee meetings are held at the Alliance home office unless otherwise noted on the Alliance calendar of events and the 2020 Board and Board Committee Meeting Schedule and are open to the public.

  • Board of Directors

    First Thursday of the month at 4:00pm

  • Executive Committee

    Third Monday of each month at 4:00pm

  • Policy Committee

    Second Thursday of March, June, September and December at 4:00pm

  • Audit and Compliance Committee

    Fourth Wednesday of February, May, August and November at 4:00 pm.

  • Network Development and Services Committee

    Second Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November at 4:00pm

  • Quality Management Committee

    First Thursday of the month at 1:00pm

  • Human Rights Committee

    Second Thursday of January, April, July and October at 4:00pm

  • County Commissioner Advisory Committee

    First Thursday of March, June, September and December at 3:00pm

Board Meeting Minutes

2020 Meetings

March 2020 Minutes
April 2020 Minutes
May 2020 Minutes
FY21 Recommended for Approval Budget
August 2020 Agenda
September Agenda
October 2020 agenda
June 2020 Minutes
August 2020 Minutes
September 2020 Minutes

2019 Meetings

February 2019 Minutes
March 2019 Minutes
FY20 Recommended for Approval Budget Final
April 2019 Minutes
May 2019 Minutes
June 6, 2019 Minutes
June 27, 2019 Minutes
August 2019 Minutes
September 2019 Minutes
October 2019 Minutes
November 2019 Minutes
December 5, 2019 Agenda
December 19, 2019 Agenda

Older Meetings

February 2018 Minutes
March 2018 Minutes
FY19 Budget Retreat Minutes
April 2018 Minutes
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June 7, 2018 Minutes
June 29, 2018 Minutes
August 2018 Minutes
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January 2014 Minutes
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FY15 Budget Retreat

February 2013 Minutes
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March 2013 Minutes
April 4, 2013 Minutes
April 24, 2013 Minutes
May 2013 Minutes
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November 2013 Minutes
December 2013 Minutes

March 2012 Minutes
April 2012 Minutes
May 3, 2012 Minutes
May 15, 2012 Minutes
June 7, 2012 Minutes
June 26, 2012 Minutes
August 2012 Minutes
September 2012 Minutes
October 2012 Minutes
November 2012 Minutes
December 2012 Minutes

Board Vacancies

We are seeking applicants for one open position representing Durham County, one position representing Cumberland County, and one representing Wake County who can advance Alliance's vision to be a leader in transforming the delivery of whole person care in the public sector.

Now is a critical time to make a difference in public behavioral healthcare as both the federal government and our state legislature consider how to design and fund critically important services for individuals in our communities.


Board member candidates must have a passion for helping people and the community at large. Individuals currently being sought with technical expertise in the following areas:

• Physicians with experience in the fields of behavioral health, substance abuse services and/or integrated care.

• Health care administration.

• Data analytics, statistics, IT strategy.

• Public and/or government relations.

• Insurance expertise consistent with the scale and nature of Alliance/managed care.

Employees or family members of employees or volunteers of provider agencies or vendors contracted with Alliance, or persons with a financial interest or ownership in any such agency or vendor, are not eligible to serve. All appointments to the Alliance Board are made by the respective boards of county commissioners.

The Alliance Board meets monthly. Meetings take place each quarter at one of the community offices; otherwise, meetings occur at the Home office in Morrisville. Board members also participate on two-three subcommittees based on their expertise and interests. Most Board members dedicate between six-10 hours per month to Board activities, and more if they serve on special projects.

Download a membership application.

Page last modified: October 7, 2020