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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
/ Last uploaded 11-24-2021
EVV Provider Memo
Alliance memo to providers impacted by county realignment
Board Minutes and Agendas
/ Last uploaded 11-23-2021
December 2021 Agenda
This is the agenda for the December 2021 Alliance Board of Directors meeting.
Board Minutes and Agendas
/ Last uploaded 11-19-2021
October 2021 Minutes
These are the minutes from the October 2021 Alliance Board of Directors meeting.
LME/MCO Realignment
/ Last uploaded 11-19-2021
Realignment Welcome Packet
A packet of welcome materials sent to Mecklenburg and Orange county members transitioning to Alliance on December 1, 2021.
Board Minutes and Agendas
/ Last uploaded 11-01-2021
November 2021 Agenda
The agenda for the November 2021 Alliance Board of Directors Meetings.
Board Minutes and Agendas
/ Last uploaded 10-20-2021
September 2021 Minutes
These are the minutes from the September 2021 Alliance Board of Directors meeting.