Alliance Health Initiates Digital Communications to Improve Member Health

Over the next several months, Alliance Health will be piloting the use of digital communication channels, primarily secure texting, to better engage members about their healthcare needs. This is a population health strategy that focuses on improving health literacy and provides education and outreach to our members. Members may receive text messages related to tobacco cessation resources, medication adherence, and/or the importance of following up with their primary care physician about recommended healthcare screenings and preventative care.

This week members on antipsychotic medications for the treatment of schizophrenia will begin to receive information about the importance of medication as part of their treatment. Members will receive several similar reminders in the coming weeks. All reminders to members will include a statement to call their doctor with any questions. These reminders may increase the number of calls from our members to their treating providers.

Beginning next week, Alliance will be launching a similar direct-to-member campaign that provides our members who are prescribed antipsychotic medications with reminders about the importance of routine follow-up with their doctors for blood sugar monitoring and other routine lab work.