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Contact Information

Access important phone numbers to use in contacting Alliance Health.

Provider HelpDesk: 919-651-8500

The Alliance Provider Helpdesk is available to answer provider questions about authorization, billing, claims, enrollment and credentialing, ACS, and other issues. Call 919-651-8500 Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m.

Confidential Fraud and Abuse Line: 855-727-6721

You are encouraged to report matters involving Medicaid fraud and abuse. If you want to report fraud or abuse, you can remain anonymous. Learn more.

Alliance Offices: 919-651-8401

Alliance maintains community offices in Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties. Addresses and directions to the Alliance offices.

The table below is both searchable and sortable to help you more easily locate the correct department and find contact information. Click the header above each column to sort alphabetically, or type a keyword in the “Search” box.

DepartmentContactPhone Number
ClaimsLisa Sullivan, Director of Claims919-651-8581
ClaimsHugh Greene, EDI Specialist919-651-8898
ClaimsTina Everett, Claims Supervisor919-651-8817
ClaimsMarilyn Madison, Claims Supervisor919-651-8450
ClaimsAshley Jones, Claims Research Analyst919-651-8741
ClaimsAvery Piercy, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8621
ClaimsBelinda Davis, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8876
ClaimsChelsea Reid, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8955
ClaimsChristy Mercer, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8610
ClaimsMichelle Evans, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8964
ClaimsTodd Penree, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8621
ClaimsChristopher Corley, Claims Research Analyst I919-651-8629
ClaimsKaren Currey, Claims Research Analyst 919-651-8620
ClaimsLinnetta Hughes, Claims Research Analyst I919-651-8412
Community Health and Well-BeingAnn Oshel919-651-8855
Community and Member EngagementDoug Wright919-651-8425
Corporate ComplianceMonica Portugal919-651-8431
PurchasingKelly Trasobares919-651-8552
Human Resources
(Please do not call to check the status of a job application. Instead, click here.)
[email protected]
Information Technology and Alpha Support[email protected]919-651-8500
Care Coordination
Jeff Payne, Director919-651-8857
I/DD Care CoordinationWalter Linney, Assistant Director919-651-8809
I/DD Care CoordinationMike Milley (Durham Co.)919-651-8838
I/DD Care CoordinationLilian Sellers (Durham Co.)919-651-8840
I/DD Care CoordinationRasheeda Jones-Oliver (Wake Co.)919-651-8743
I/DD Care CoordinationBeverly Harris (Wake Co.)919-651-8713
I/DD Care CoordinationWilliam Ethridge (Cumberland Co.)919-651-4821
I/DD Care CoordinationBriana Parkins (Cumberland Co.)910-491-4818
I/DD Care CoordinationAnna O’Neill (Johnston Co.)919-989-5568
MH/SUD Care CoordinationTowanda Witherspoon (Durham Co.)919-651-8853
MH/SUD Care CoordinationKimberli Johnson919-651-8816
MH/SUD Care CoordinationKaren Gall (Wake Co.)919-651-8747
MH/SUD Care CoordinationEmily Kerley (Wake Co.)919-651-8734
MH/SUD Care CoordinationJessica King (Wake Co.)919-651-8759
MH/SUD Care CoordinationCarlotta Ray (Cumberland Co.)910-491-4790
MH/SUD Care CoordinationLindsay Allen (Johnston Co.)919-989-5546
School Based Care CoordinationDebbie Richardson919-651-8744
Transitions to Community Living InitiativeTonjonna Hayes919-651-8740
Transitions to Community Living InitiativeAlecia Brower919-651-8528
Transitions to Community Living InitiativePaul Brossoie
Transitions to Community Living InitiativeAimee Izawa919-651-8596
Media InquiriesDoug Fuller919-651-8430
Provider Network Operations[email protected]919-651-8500
Quality Management[email protected]
Agent for Service of Process
(Serves as the Agent for Service of Process for Alliance. Send all legal documents to her attention at 5200 W. Paramount Parkway, Suite 200, Morrisville, NC 27560.)
Carol Wolff, Alliance General Counsel
This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 05/24/2021