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NC Medicaid has changed the start date for Tailored Plans to October 1, 2023. Until then people will keep getting services the way they do now.

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Email Newsletter Deliverability

This page contains a checklist for you and/or your IT department if you are not receiving our email newsletters as expected.

Having Trouble Receiving our Provider Emails?

We have prepared the following checklist for you and/or your IT department if you are not receiving our email newsletters as expected.

Are you certain you are subscribed?

You can subscribe or check the status of your subscription by returning to our signup form. If you try to sign up with an email address that’s already subscribed, you’ll see an error message.

If you then select Click here to update your profile, we’ll send you an email with a personalized link to update your profile settings.

Note that if you have successfully received an email newsletter from us in the past, the Update Profile link in that email is a much more direct route for prefilling and updating your preferences.

Are you sure we sent out a newsletter?

Newsletters are only triggered if announcements are posted to here, which you can always check directly. Note that several days or even weeks may pass between provider news updates, during which time no newsletters will go out.

You can see the most recently triggered daily and weekly newsletters in our archives.

Are we stuck in your personal spam filter?

Typically, when subscribers don’t see our email in their inboxes, it’s because of spam filters. If you have looked in your spam or junk folders and still don’t see our newsletters, below are a few things you can try:

  • If other people in your organization are receiving our emails but you are not, try adding “[email protected]” to your contact list or address book. All Provider News is sent from this address.
  • If [email protected] is in your address book, check your spam filter settings to be sure that our content and/or [email protected] isn’t blocked.
  • Are you using a webmail provider such as AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail? These providers deliver mail in small batches which can sometimes result in emails taking up to 24 hours to be delivered to a specific email account.

Are we caught in your corporate spam filter or firewall?

If none of the above seem to resolve the issue, you may need to involve your server administrator or IT department. Please send them this page and ask them to add MailChimp IP addresses to their whitelist. Generally, only corporate domains can do this. Consumer ISPs won’t add IP addresses to their whitelists on a case-by-case basis.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 08/03/2021