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Service Definitions and Scopes of Work

All services require prior authorization unless other noted in the Medicaid and Non-medicaid benefit plans.
ServiceMedicaid FundedState FundedScope of Work
30 Day Assessment UnitScope of Work (Alexander)
Scope of Work (New Hope)
ADVPService Definition
Enhanced Community Living and Supports T2013 TF 22 or b3 T2013 TF U4 22Scope of Work
Assertive Community Treatment Step-Down (ACT-SD)Service Definition
Assertive Community Treatment TeamClinical Coverage Policy 8A

Scope of Work
Assertive Engagement (YA341 DJ)Service Definition
Behavioral Health Crisis Assessment and Intervention (BHUC)Service Definition
Case SupportService Definition
Child ACTService Definition
Clinical Assessment/Medication ManagementClinical Coverage Policy 8CClinical Coverage Policy 8C
Community Guide - B3B3 Service Definition
Community Support TeamClinical Coverage Policy 8AService DefinitionScope of Work
Community Transition-One-Time Transitional CostsB3 Service DefinitionScope of Work
Community Transitional Recovery Program (CTRP) Scope of Work
Comprehensive Screening and Community ConnectionService Definition
Criterion V (902)Clinical Coverage Policy 8B
Day ActivityService Definition
Day TreatmentScope of Work
Developmental Day - Child OnlyService Definition
Developmental Therapy
DHHS Behavioral Health Clinical Coverage PoliciesBH Clinical Coverage PoliciesState-Funded Enhanced Services

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)Scope of Work
Enhanced Crisis ResponseService Definition
Enhanced Day Supports IndividualScope of Work
Enhanced in Home Therapy ServicesService Definition
Enhanced Intermediate Care Facility Scope of Work
Enhanced Residential Services for Children with Complex Needs- Children with I/DD and co-occurring MH diagnosisScope of Work
Enhanced Respite Care IndividualScope of Work
Enhanced Supportive Housing (ESH) Scope of Work
Evaluation and ManagementClinical Coverage Policy 8CClinical Coverage Policy 8C
Family Centered TreatmentService Definition
Family Engagement Services/PRTF Scope of Work
High Fidelity Wraparound TeamService Definition
Hope Services Lighthouse Scope of Work
Hospital Discharge Transition ServiceService Definition
ICF-IDDClinical Coverage Policy 8E
In Home Therapy Service (IHTS)Service Definition
Individual SupportScope of Work
Individual Supports for TCLScope of Work
Inpatient Hospital Psychiatric Treatment-MH Clinical Coverage Policy 8B
Inpatient HospitalizationClinical Coverage Policy 8B
Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT)Scope of Work
Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT®) Scope of Work
Intensive In-Home ServicesClinical Coverage Policy 8AScope of Work
InterceptScope of Work
Learning Enriched Autism Program (LEAP)Scope of Work
Medication Assisted TreatmentClinical Coverage Policy 1A-41
Medication Assisted Treatment–BuprenorphineScope of Work
Office-Based Opioid TreatmentClinical Coverage Policy 1A-41
Outpatient Behavioral Health ServicesClinical Coverage Policy 8C
Outpatient Plus (OPT Plus)Service Definition
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Clinical Coverage Policy 8CScope of Work
Peer Support Services—TenancyScope of Work
Peer Support TransitionService Definition
Personal AssistanceService Definition
Physician ConsultationB3 Service Definition
Psychological and Developmental TestingClinical Coverage Policy 8CClinical Coverage Policy 8C
Rapid Response Crisis Services for Children and YouthService Definition
Research Based Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Coverage Policy 8F
Residential Services – Complex NeedsService Definition
RespiteB3 Service Definition
Sex Offender Specific EvaluationsScope of Work
Supervised LivingService Definition
Supported Employment - GroupB3 Service DefinitionService Definition
Supported Employment - IndividualB3 Service DefinitionService Definition
Supported Employment - Long TermService Definition
TBI Waiver
Transitional Youth ServicesService Definition
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)Clinical Coverage Policy 8CScope of Work
Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)Scope of Work
Treatment Foster Care Oregon S5145 22 Z4Scope of Work
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