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Provider Network Assignments

Access a searchable list of providers and their assigned provider network development specialists.

Alliance Health places a priority on delivering excellent customer service to our providers. Every provider is assigned to a network relations specialist who serves as their first point of contact for answering any questions or trouble-shooting issues the provider may be experiencing. It is our goal to support our providers quickly and effectively as they in turn support our valued members.

Meet the Network Relations Team

Lynn Nall Widener
Director of Provider Network Operations
[email protected]

Cathy Stephenson Jablonski
Supervisor, Network Relations and Hospital Contracts/Systems
[email protected]

Network Relations Specialists

Larry Campbell [email protected]
Teresa Dawson [email protected]
Asia Johnson [email protected]
Jodi Meacham [email protected]
Mandy Padgett [email protected]
Andi Swink [email protected]

For all EVV-related questions and concerns, please contact Amanda Smith at [email protected].

Please consult the table below to identify your assigned Network Relations specialist and their contact information.

Provider Network Relations Assignments
ProviderWhoEmailPhone #
A2Z Home Medical SuppliesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
A4Psychology, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
A Bridge to Achievement NC, LLC dba A Bridge to Achievement, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
A Briter Community, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
A Caring Heart Case Management, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
A Caring Home, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
A New Leaf Therapeutic Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
A New Life Services Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
A Place Caldwell, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
A Touch of Grace, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
A-1 Care Consultants, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
ABA Children ServicesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Abacus TherapiesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
ABC Pediatrics of Dunn, PAAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
ABCs of Learning, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Abilities Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Able Kids Services, LLC Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Abound Health LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Above & Beyond Care, IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
ABS Utah, P.C.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Accelerating Community Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Achievements ABA Therapy NC, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
ACI Support Specialists, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Actualities, Ltd.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Acumen Fiscal Agent LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Adamu Salisu MD PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Addictions Recovery Care Association (ARCA)Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Adeline D Williams LCSWAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
ADG Associates, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Adolescent, Child and Adult Psychiatry of Raleigh, PAAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Advance Behavioral Center, IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Advance Behavioral Health Services, IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Advanced Health Resources, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Advantage Care In Home Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Affinity Clinical Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]iancehealthplan.org919-651-8482
Agape Home Living Care Phase II, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Agape Unit Care Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Alamance Academy, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Alamance Regional Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Alberta Professional Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Alexander Youth NetworkAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Alexandria Little Westfall, MA LPAAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
All God’s Children of Burlington Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Almarch Counseling Services PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Alpha Home Care Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Alpha Management Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Alternative Living Solutions of North CarolinaAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Amara Wellness Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Amat Group Homes, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Ambleside, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Amethyst Consulting & Treatment Solutions, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Amy F. JohnsonAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Anderson Behavioral HealthLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Anderson Counseling and Consulting Group, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Andrews Counseling and Consulting, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Anthony R Mangiardi PH.D.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Anthony Smith PH.D.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Apogee HomesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Appalachian Outpatient Services LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Applied Behavior Care, PLLC Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Ariel Community Care, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Arise Behavioral Therapy SolutionTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Arise Destiny, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
ARJ, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
ARMC Physicians Care IncAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
ASIC Behavioral Health, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Aspirations and Miracles Community Support, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Aspire Supportive & Counseling Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Assurance Life Learning Center, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Assured Community Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
ATS of North Carolina, LLC dba Carolina Treatment Center - FayettevilleLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Autism Behavioral Institute, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Autism Center of Excellence, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Autism in Motion Clinics, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Autism Learning Partners, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Autism Living Experience, LLCAsia Johnson[email protected]919-651-8607
Autism Services of Mecklenberg County, IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Autism Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Autism Society of Cumberland CountyLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Autism Society of North Carolina, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Autism Spectrum Therapies, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Autism Therapeutic Services, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Autry Behavioral Consultants & Resources Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Azure Psychotherapy, PLLC Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
B & D Integrated Health ServicesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
BAART Community HealthcareLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Bailey's Respite Care, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Balance NC, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Barium Springs Home for Children Inc. dba Children's Hope AllianceLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
BAYADA Home Health Care, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Be Well Therapy, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Becoming Counseling ServicesJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Becoming Counseling Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Behavior Change Agents, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Behavior Learning Tree, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Behavior Learning Tree, LLC Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Behavioral Assessment Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Behavioral Counseling & Psychological Services, PA dba The DWI CenterLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Behavioral Transformations NCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Belmont Psychiatry & Counseling ServicesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling, PCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Beth Schmitt Consulting, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Better Living Concepts of Durham LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Beverly Moss dba Moss Counseling Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Beverly WickerAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
BHWC LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Bilingual Therapy Services, PLLC Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
BIP-Behavior Intervention Professionals of the Triangle, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
BJM Speech/Language Therapy & Rehabilitation Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Blooming Medical GroupTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Blossom Community Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Bluestone Psychotherapy, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
BlueWest Opportunities IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Bob Inman Inc. dba Inman Home HealthLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Brave Roots Speech Therapy, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Break Out, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Bridges Therapeutic Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Bridging the Gap Residental Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Brighter Days counseling ServicesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Broadstep Academy - South Carolina, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Broadstep Academy SCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Broadview Health, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Broken Pieces Services LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Broughton State HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Brynn Marr Hospital, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Building Bridges Outreach, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Butterfly Effects, LLC Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Butterfly Effects, LLC.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
C & C Outreach Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Cabarrus County Group Homes, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Caldwell Memorial HospitalTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Camino Community Dev. CorporationAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Canaan Care Home LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Cano Family Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cape Canaveral HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cape Fear Behavioral Health Center, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Caps 4 U, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Caramore Community, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Care Well of Charlotte NC IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Caring Hands and Supplementary Enrichment Education LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Caring Hands and Supplementary Enrichment Education, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Caring Hearts Behavioral Services, LLC Mandy Padgett [email protected]919-651-8938
Carobell, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina Behavioral Care, PAAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carolina Center for Autism Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Carolina Community Support Services, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina Concierge Therapeutics, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina Enhancement Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina Family AllianceLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina Home MedicalLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina OutreachAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Carolina Parenting Solutions, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carolina Partnership in Mental Healthcare dba MindPath Care CentersAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carolina Psychiatry P.C.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carolina Rehabilitation SpecialistAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Carolina Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carolina Therapeutic Services First, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina Therapeutic Services IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Carolina's Creative Counseling, PALarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
CarolinaEast Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carolinas Medical Center dba Atrium Health Behavioral HealthAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Caromont Medical Group, Inc., dba Caromont Psychiatric AssociatesAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carrie L. Baker, Ph. D.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Carter Clinic PALarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Caswell Developmental CenterLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Cauthen Counseling and Consulting, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cedar Oaks Clinic, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Center for ABA Practice and Early Intervention Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Center for Emotional Health, P.C.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Center for Prevention ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
CenterStoneMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Central Community Services, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Central Regional HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Certus Psychiatry and Integrated Care PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Champion Family Behavioral Health Services, LLC dba Keston CareMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Changing Outcomes, LLC Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Chapmans Management Company Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Chatham County Group Home, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Chatham Hospital IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Cherry HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Chester M. Martin dba Biblical Counseling ServicesAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Children Under Construction Treatment Center, Barnes Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Children's Home Society of NCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
City of RaleighTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Cityblock Medical Practice NC, P.C. Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
ClientFirst Of NC, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Clifford AndersonAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Clinical Counseling and Consulting Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Clinicians of Mecklenburg, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Club Nova Community, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
CNC/Access, Inc. dba All Ways Caring HomeCareMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Coastal Behavior Health Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center, PAAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Coastal Southeastern United CareMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cognitive Rehabilitation ServicesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Cognitive Tx Solutions, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Collaborative HopeMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Advancement Agency, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Alternative Housing, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Alternatives for Supportive AbodesJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Community Alternatives, Inc dba Community ChoicesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Based Developmental Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Care Service, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Connections Healthcare Services, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Community Innovations, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Partnerships, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Specialized Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Support Service, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Community Workforce Solutions, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Compact Health Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Compassionate Care of NC, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Complete Well-Care Source, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Comprehab, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Comprehensive Community Care, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Comprehensive Community Supportive Service, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Comserv, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Concrete Roses Life CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Connect Center for Wellness, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Connect N Care ABALarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Connecting The DOTS Treatment Services and Consultation, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Continuum Care Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Coogan Hickey Services IncAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cornelia Pringle dba ATRA Counseling Services, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cornerstone Treatment Facility Program, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cornerstone Treatment Facility, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cosby Counseling and ConsultingAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cotswold Clinician Support Services, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cottage Health Care Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Counseling Services, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Counseling Wellness & Health, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
County of Person dba Person IndustriesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Covenant Case Management Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Crandells Enterprises, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Creative Counseling and Learning Solutions, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
CriSyS, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cross River NC LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Crossnore CommunitiesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Cumberland County Communicare, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cumberland County DSS - Work FirstMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc. dba Cape Fear Valley Health SystemAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Cumberland County Sheriff's Dept. - CITJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Cumberland Hospital, LLC dba Cumberland Hospital for Children and AdolescentsMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cumberland Residential & Employment Services & Training IncMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Cyrus Home, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
D & L Health Care Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Damen Cromwell, LPCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Davidson Homes, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Dawn Milton dba M&M Special ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Day by Day Family Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Daymark Recovery Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Deborah Lindsay, LPAAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Delice CoffeyJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Delta Behavioral Group, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]alliancehealthplan.org919-651-8607
Desired Solutions & More, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Devereux Residential Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Diamonds Community Based Services, Inc. Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Disciple 4 Life, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Discovery ABA, NC, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Diverse Family Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Diverse Wellness Solutions, IncLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
DRG CounselingLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Duke University Affiliated Physicians, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Duke University Health System - Duke RaleighAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Duke University Health System - Duke RegionalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Duke University Health System - FCP StateAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Duke University Health System - Inpat StateAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Duke University Health System - InstitutionalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Duke University Health System - Med ProfAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Dunn Psychological Associates, PALarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Durham County Community Living Programs, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Durham Exchange Club Industries, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
E D Emmanuel Homes, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Each One Reach One Two, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Eagle Healthcare Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Early Start Intervention Services Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Eason Court Group Home, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
East Carolina Psychiatric Consultants, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Echelon Consulting, Inc dba Echelon CareMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Eclectic Therapeutic Connections, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
EDH1, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Educare Community Living Corporation - NC dba Community Alternatives North CarolinaMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Edward A. Rubes Jr. LPCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
El Futuro, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Eleanor Health Professional NC PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Eliada Homes, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Elite Care Service Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Elite Healthcare Group, Inc Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Elite Therapy ServicesAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Elizabeth M. Polomik LPCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Ellen Scherling-MoralesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Employment Source IncMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Empowerment Quality Care Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Ensure Home Health Service, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Epiphany Family Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Eric Gabriel, LPAAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Eventus WholeHealth, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Excalibur Youth Services LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Exclusive Caring Partners, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
FACT Specialized Services, LLC dba Methodist Home for Children, IncMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Falcon Crest Residential Care, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Families and Communities Rising, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Family First Community Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Family Preservation Services of North Carolina, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Family Services of America CorporationMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Fayetteville Area Health Education Foundation, Inc. dba Southern Regional Area Health Education CenterJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Fayetteville Street Community Living HomeMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Fellowship Health Resources, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Fellowship Home of RaleighLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Fernandez Community Center, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Fidelity Community Support Group, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Firm Foundation, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
First in FamiliesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
First Step Community Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Inc dba FirstHealth Moore Regional HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Florida Autism CenterJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Focus Behavioral Health Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Fortitude Counseling Associates, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Foundation Health Systems CorpLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Freedom House Recovery Center, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Fresh Start Residential Facility, IncMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
FT BHWC, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Gantt Youth and Family Services, LLC Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Gary L Smith dba MedTrac SolutionsJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Gary SchwagerJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Gaston Adolescent Center, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Gaston Memorial Hospital, Inc. dba Caromont Regional Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Gaston Skills, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Gemstones ABA Center, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Genesis Project 1, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
George Popper, PhDJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
GHA Autism SupportsMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Golden Steps ABA NC LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Golson Family ServicesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Good Hope HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Good Stress Company, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Grace M. Stroud, LPAJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Graham, Moore & Clark, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Grandfather Home for ChildrenMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Great Expectations Day Facility and Enrichment Program, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Greater Image Healthcare, Corp.Mandy Padgett[email protected]an.org919-651-8938
Guardian Angel Healthcare, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Guardiantrac, LLC dba GT IndependenceTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Haire Enterprises, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
HANDS Center for Autism, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Hands LLC of RowanTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Harold Williams, LPATeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Haven House, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Haymount Institute for Psychological Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Healing Interventions, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Healing with CAARE, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Healthy Speech Solutions, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Heart to Heart Counseling and Wellness Center, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
HeartSpring, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Henderson County Hospital CorporationTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Herbert Reid Home Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]liancehealthplan.org919-651-9213
Herbert Way of Living, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
hestnut Hill Mental Health Center dba Springbrook Behavioral HealthAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Higher Aspirations Behavioral HealthcareLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Highlights Healthcare, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Hillsborough Recovery Solutions, PCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Hilltop Home, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Hinds' Feet Farm, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Holly Hill Hospital, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Holy Angels Services, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Holy Angels, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
HomeCare for the Carolinas Clinic, PATeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
HomeCare Management CorporationTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Hope Haven, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Hope Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Hope-Thru-Horses, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]lthplan.org919-651-9213
Horizons Residential Care CenterTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
House of Care, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Howell Support Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Huntersville Counseling Center, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
I Innovations, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
I.C.A.R.E. Counseling Services, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Independent Case Management, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Independent Opportunities, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Inez's House HC LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Inner Pathways LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Inner Peace Community Support Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Inner Transformation Therapeutic Services, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Innerlogic LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
InnerVision, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Innovation Therapies, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]g919-651-9213
Innovative Lifestyle Network, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Innovative OT Solutions, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Innovative Support ServicesTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
InPatient Consultants of North Carolina, P.C.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
InReach, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Insight Family Center LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Insight Human ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Inspirationz, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Institute of Art Therapy, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Integrated Behavioral Health Management, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Services, PAMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Integrative Wellness Solutions PLLC dba LifeStance HealthMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
IntelliChoice Staffing, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Intervention ConceptsTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Invictus of NC, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Irene Wortham Residential Center, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
J & L Business Center, LLC Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
J-1 CONSULTANTS, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
J. Iverson Riddle Developmental CenterTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
J. Z. Wang Psychiatric Service, P.C.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
J.B. Childers MD PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Jackelin Veloz-JeffersonMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
James T. Barker II, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Javier B. Rojas, MD, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Jeanette Purifoy dba Michael's WorldTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Jeffrey R. Chambers, MD, PAMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Jessies World IncorporatedTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Jewel Community Care LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Jewish Family Services of Greater Charlotte, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Jireh's PlaceTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
JMJ Enterprises, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Joanna P. Evans, LCSW, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Joanne M. Schaffer MSW LCSW PALarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Johnson Enrichment ServicesAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Johnson's House of Hope Family Care Home, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Johnston County DSSTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Johnston County Industries, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Johnston County Public Health DepartmentTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Johnston County Public Health DepartmentTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Johnston Health Services CorporationTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Johnston Recovery ServicesTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Joseph LiberaAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Joseph's Community Support Services, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Journeys in Mental Health &Wellness, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Juanita C Perkins FNP- BC HealthcareLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Juanita HardingLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Judith Dickens MPA MS CCS LCAS LPCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Julian F. Keith ADATCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
JWIGGINSBUSINESSINABOXMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Kaleo Supports, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Karyetta Walker dba New Season Clinical Services, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Katherine EdenLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Kathryn Walsh Honeyman, LCSWLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Keep Hope Alive, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Kerr Homes, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Keshavpal Reddy, MDLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Keshawn McCleodLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Key Autism Services, NC LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Keystone WSNC, LLC dba Old Vineyard Behavioral Health ServicesAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Kids On Up Psychotherapy Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Kidspeace National Centers of North America, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
King Counseling, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
KMG Holdings, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
KV Consultants & Associates, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
LaTanya SobczakAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Laverne's Haven Residential Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lawrence A. Ellsworth, LCSW, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Learn With The BestAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Legacy Human Services, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Liasions Community Care LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life and Wellness Counseling and Consulting, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Life Based Conceptions LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life Changez, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life Enrichment Center of Cleveland County, IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life Net Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Life Opportunities Therapeutic Home Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life Opportunities, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life Solutions Consulting, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Life, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Life-Way HomesJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
LifeSource of North Carolina, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
LifeSpan ABA IncAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
LifeSpan, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lifetime Counseling Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Lift Day Activity Center, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lighthouse Counseling Center and Associated Therapeutic Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Lincoln Community Health CenterMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Lindley Habilitation Services, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lisa V Wachter MS LPC NCC PLLCAsia Johnson asiajo[email protected]919-651-8607
Little Gerald Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Living Well Behavioral Health, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Living With Autism IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lolly Therapeutics, LLC dba Pediatric Advanced TherapyAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Lotus Care Psychological Services, PLLC Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Love Life Counseling Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
LSJ Counseling and Clinical Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
LSM dba Disability Management ServicesTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lucas HopeLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Lucy Daniels Center for Early ChildhoodAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Lutheran Family Services in the CarolinasTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Lutrino M. Blalock LPAAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Mabel Stellato LPCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Macon Citizens HabilitiesJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Makin' Choices, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Management Consultants ProAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Marcelo E. Lopez-Claros MDAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Margaret Glazewska-Newhart LCSWAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Marguerita Sitrin Blaker, PAAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Marilyn Grubbs d/b/a Healing HeartsAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Mark R. Stroeh, LCSWAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Mark S. CadaveroLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Matchbox Health Services CorporationTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Matthew Conner, MD, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
McDaniel Homes, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
McIver’s Adult & Youth Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
McLeodAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
MCPC-11, LLC dba FirstHealth Behavioral ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
MD Psychiatry and Emotional HealthJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Mecca of Beacons LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Mecklenburg County Community Support ServicesTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Melania X. LaytonLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Mending Minds Behavioral Health, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Metro Treatment of North Carolina, L.P.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Mid-State Health Systems, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Miracle Houses, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Miranda Morgan LCSWLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Modern Treatment Healthcare ServicesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Moments Matter Therapeutic Solutions, PCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
MonarchAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Monique S. Goodson-Johnson, LPCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
More Than Conquerors Youth Center, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Morgan Support Services, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Morning Light Wellness, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Morse Clinic of Durham, PCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Morse Clinic of North Raleigh, PCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Morse Clinic of Zebulon, PCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Mosaic Group LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Moses Cone Affiliated Physicians IncAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Moses Cone Medical Sevices IncAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Moses Cone Physician Services IncAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Multi-Therapeutic Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Multicultural Resources Center, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Murchison Residential CorporationJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Murray Fork Clinic, P.C.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Myrover Reese Fellowship Homes, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
NAMIJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Nanette Floyd Patterson, MA, LPCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Nash Hospitals, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Nathan Strahl, MDLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Nazareth Children's Home, IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Nazareth Children’s HomeJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
NC Department of Health and Human Services dba Division of Vocational RehabilitationJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
NC Outreach Group Homes LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
NC Recovery Support Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Neuse Enterprises, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Nevins, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
New Day Behavioral Health Center, PCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
New Day Counseling Services, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
New Destinations, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
New Hope PRTFLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
New Leaf Adolescent Care, IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
New Leaf Behavioral HealthLarry Campbelllcamp[email protected]919-651-8745
NEW PLACE, INC.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
New Possibilities Home for Children, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
NHCS Physicians IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
NIO Psychological Services, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
No Bounds Care, Inc. Formerly K'nCryst HealthcareJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Norman L. Collins, LCSWLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
North Carolina Life of Rehabilitation, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
North Carolina Neuropsychiatry, P.A.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Nova, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Nova-IC, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Novant Health Forsyth Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Novant Health Presbyterian Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Novant Health Rowan Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Novant Health Thomasville Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
NuMe Counseling & Consulting, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
O'Berry Neuromedical Treatment CenterJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
OE Enterprises, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Omni Visions, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Onas's Place, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
One Love Periodic Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
osby Counseling and ConsultingAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Our Treatment Center PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Outward Bound One LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Oxford HouseLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
P&G Clinical Services P.L.L.C.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Paramount Holistic Mental Wellness, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Parker Investments, LTD.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Path of Hope, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Pathways for People, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Pathways Human Services dba Access Family ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Pathways to Life, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Patterns Behavioral Services North CarolinaMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Patterson Home Care, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Paula S. Newman LPCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Pave Behavioral Health Services, PCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Peace of Mind Body and SpiritJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Peace of Mind, Inc.Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Peak Professional Group, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Peak Wellness, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Pearl's Angel Care, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Person County Group Homes, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Peter-Elst, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
PHP of NC IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Piedmont Psychiatric Associates dba Malti P. MehtaMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Piedmont Residential Development Center, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Pinnacle Family ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Pinnacle Point Supportive Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Pivotal Health SolutionsMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
PORT Health ServicesJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Positive Behavior Supports CorporationAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
PQA HEALTHCARE, INC.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Praising Hands, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Precious Haven, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Premier Service of Carolina, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Premiere Health and Wellness Medical Center, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Pride in North Carolina, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Primary Care Solutions, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Primary Health Choice, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Priorities ABA PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Priya Sheth, LPCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
ProCure Therapeutic Agency, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Professional Early InterventionMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Professional Family Care Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Project 658Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Providence Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services, IncMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Psychological Medicine ClinicMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Psychological Mobile Services, PAAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Psychotherapeutic Services IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
QC Counseling Services, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
QC Psychology, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Quality Care Solutions, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Quality Home Care ServicesMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Quest Provider Services, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
R. J. Blackley ADATCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
R.O.P. E. S (Recovery Oriented Practices and Engagement for Success)Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rachel's HouseJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rae's Playze Adult Day CenterJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rainbow 66 Storehouse, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rainbow of Sunshine, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rainey Psychological Services, PCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Ralph Scott LifeServicesJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
RDL Therapeutic Adult Day Center, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
RDL Therapeutic Outpatient Therapy, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Recovery Connections of Durham, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Recovery InnovationsAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Regina Kelly, LCSWAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Reliable Health Services, Inc.Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Relief Counseling Group PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Renaissance Wellness Services LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Renee HolmesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Renew Counseling Center of NC, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Renewing Families, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
ReNu Life, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Reset Behavioral Solutions, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Residential Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Residential Support Services of Wake County, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT SERVICES OF ALAMANCE, INC.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Resources for Human Development, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Resources For Seniors, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Restoration Family Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rex Hospital, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
RHA Behavioral Health NC LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
RHA Health Services NC, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
RHA Health Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
RHEMA Counseling and Support Services, PCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Rise Above Counseling ServicesLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Robert C. Pennebaker, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Robeson Health Care CorporationJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Robyn F. EzzellMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Rockwell Development Center, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rosine L. Sanders, PhD Larry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Rouses Group Home IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rowan Psychiatric and Medical Services, PAMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Royal Child Academy CompanyJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Rusmed Consultants LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
RWA CenterAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Ryan's Place LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
S & H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
S & T WeCare IncorporatedJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
S.T.E.P.s Developmental Academy, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Safe Haven Child and Family Counseling Services LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Sage Institute, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Santana Therapy & Counseling, PLLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Sarita Martene O'Neal MDMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
SAVED FOUNDATION, INC.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Savin Grace LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
SBH-Raleigh, LLC dba Strategic Behavioral Center - GarnerAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
SBH-Wilmington, LLC dba Carolina Dunes Behavioral HealthAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
SBH-Wilmington, LLC dba Carolina Dunes Behavioral HealthJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Scotland Memorial Hospital, Inc.Andi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Second Chance Counseling Services, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Securing Resources for Consumers, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Senior Health and Education Partners PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Serenity Counseling of the CarolinasJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Serenity Therapeutic Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Shawn Causby dba Waxhaw Whole HealthTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Sherille Barber dba Barber Therapy & AssociatesTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Sherisse K. Bailey LPC, LCASTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Sherman Boone LCSWTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Shine Counseling, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
ShineLight, Inc. Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Sierra's Residential Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Sigma Health Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Skill Creations, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
SOARR- STEPS ON A ROAD TO RECOVERYAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Solas Health, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Solaz LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Solutions Community Support Agency, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Sophia B. Pierce & Associates, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Soul Care, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Southeastern Healthcare of North Carolina, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Southlight HealthcareMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Sparc NetworkLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Specialized Services & Personnel, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Speech Connections LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Spigner Management Systems dba BJ Hill and AssociatesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
St Lukes HospitalAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Stan B Treatment Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Standards-Based Solutions Behavioral Health Consulting & Management LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Statesville HMA, LLC dba Davis Regional Medical CenterAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Step Ahead ABA LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]healthplan.org919-651-8607
Stepping Stones ABA, IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
STEPS for Recovery, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Steps Toward Success, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Still Family LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Strategic Interventions,LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Stride Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Structured Family Interventions, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Successful Solutions MHS, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Successful Transitions, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Sunflower Therapeutic Solutions, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Sunlight Behavior Center, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Sunrise Clinical Associates, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Support IncorporatedAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Surviving the Battle, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
Surviving the Battle, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
T.L.C. Home, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Talya R. Mazor, LCSWTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Tamekia PowellTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
TGH Behavioral Health Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
TGH Phase II IncAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Alpha Management Community Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Arc of Davidson CountyAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Arc of North Carolina, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Arc of the Triangle, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Bair FoundationAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Bridge Consulting Group, LLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8607
The Bruson Group, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Cardinal Center for Behavior Jodi Meacham [email protected]919-651-9228
The Center for Child and Family Health, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Hospital AuthorityAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
The Crossnore School & Children's HomeAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Enhancement Center, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Harambee Group IIAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The HOPE Centre for Advancement, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
The Keywest Center, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Kid's Workshop, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Legacy Team, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
The Loving Home IncorporatedAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Mariposa School for Children with AutismAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Mental Health Fund dbs Catawba Valley Behavioral Healthcare Mandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
The Methodist Home for Children, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Mindly Group, PLLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital Operating CorporationAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
The Poe Center for Health EducationMandy Padgett[email protected]cehealthplan.org919-651-8938
The Promise Group, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Unique Caring Foundation, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
The Village Behavioral Healthcare Services, IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Therapeutic AlternativesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Therapeutic Family Solutions Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Therapeutic Resource Associates, PAAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Therapeutic Solutions and Wellness, PCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Therapy Smarts, IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Thomas K. McKean, MD, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Thomas P Cornwall, MDAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Thompson Child & Family FocusAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Threshold, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Thrive Addictions Services, LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Tiffany L. HarrisAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Timber Ridge Treatment Center, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
TLC Operations, Inc. dba Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental DisabilitiesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Tonya D. Armstrong, PLLC dba The Armstrong Center for HopeJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Tonya Omar, PLLC dba The Aya CenterAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Top Priority Care Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Touching Lives Center Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Touchstone Residential ServicesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Transformative Life Center LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Trauma Assessment & Treatment Center, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Tri-County Community Health Council, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Triad Telecare, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Triangle ABA LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Triangle Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Triangle Counseling AgencyJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Triangle Family Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Triangle Neuropsychiatry, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Triangle Primary Care Associates, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Triangle Springs LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Triangle Springs Physician Group, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
TriCare Counseling & Consulting, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Trinity Wellness & Community Care, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
TROSAJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Turning Leaf Therapy Services, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Turning Point Homes, Inc. dba Turning Point Family ServicesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
UMAR Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
UNC at Chapel HillTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
UNC Faculty PhysiciansTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
UNC HospitalTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
UNC Physicians Network Group Practice LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
UNC Physicians Network, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]althplan.org919-651-9213
UNC Rockingham Health Care IncTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
UNC TEACCHTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Union Diversified Industries, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Unique Caring NetworkAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Unique Psychiatric Care Solutions, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
United Family Network, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
United Living LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
United Quest Care Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
United Residential Services of North Carolina, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
United Support Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Unity Home Care, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Universal Mental Health Services, Inc.Asia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Upward Change Health Services, LLCMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
Vatogna Steward dba Therapy to Inner Peace CenterJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Vaughters Specialized Consultative Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Vedic Pharmacy, LLC dba Gurley PharmacyAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Verna Dority, MSW, CCSW, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Victor & Associates, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Village Counseling PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Village Specialized Consultative Services, LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Vinson Counseling Services LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Virginia Health Partners LLC dba North Carolina Health PartnersJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Vito Guarnaccia PhdAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
VOCA Corporation of North CarolinaJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Voice for Children and Nurturing Families, PLLCLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
VOICE Therapeutic Solutions, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Waite Psychological & Therapeutic Services, PLLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Wake Enterprises, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Wake Specialty Physicians, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
WakeMedAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
WakeMed Specialists Group, LLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Walter B. Jones ADATCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
WAYNE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Waynesboro Family Clinic, P.A.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
WesCare Professional Services, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
West Counseling, PLLCAndi Swink[email protected]919-651-8482
Western Wake Treatment Center LLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
What Matters Most, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Whitaker PRTFTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
William Roger Powell LPCSJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
William Y Carlton, MDJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Wilmington Medical SupplyTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Winston Psychiatric Associates, PAJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Women, Children and Family Counseling Services, PLLCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Yelverton's Enrichment Services, Inc.Jodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Youth Builders, LLCTeresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Youth Enrichment Group Home, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Youth Extensions, Inc.Teresa Dawson[email protected]919-651-9213
Youth Unlimited Teresa Dawson [email protected]919-651-9213
Youth VillagesAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Zenith Hope Center LLCAsia Johnson [email protected]919-651-8607
Zephaniah Services PCJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Hopebridge LLCAsia Johnson[email protected]919-651-8607
Youth Haven Services IncJodi Meacham[email protected]919-651-9228
Simtas Development GroupMandy Padgett[email protected]919-651-8938
The Bear EnterpriseLarry Campbell[email protected]919-651-8745
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