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Claims Submission

This page described the process for using the Alliance Claim System (ACS).

Alliance Health uses Alliance Claim System (ACS) to process provider claims. Providers should routinely review their agency’s information in the ACS system to ensure that all contact information and contract information is up to date. To access the system, providers must submit an ACS Access Request form to [email protected].  Providers can access the Alliance Billing and Enrollment Manual.

Alliance provides ongoing opportunities for training and support related to claims submission. Access contact information for Alliance Claims staff.

Providers have multiple options to submit claims to Alliance.  Claims can be submitted electronically using EDI 837 files or they can be manually keyed into the ACS Provider Portal.

  • Electronic submission requires EDI certification, an Electronic Claim Submission Agreement (ECS), Trading Partner Agreement (TPA, and file testing with our EDI Specialist. You can contact the EDI Specialist with questions or support.
  • Portal submission requires that providers be set up with individual ACS login information. You can request access and/or ask questions about the ACS Provider Portal by email or by calling 919-651-8500, option 2 for IT issues.

Access detailed information regarding navigating ACS.


This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 02/06/2022