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NCDHHS Survey to Assess COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Access

NC DHHS is surveying all long term care facilities to ensure booster dose access for staff and residents. If you have not already completed this survey, or have not spoken via phone with an NC DHHS representative about booster doses, please complete the survey below at your earliest convenience.

Facilities that do not complete the survey will receive at least three phone call attempts from NC DHHS representatives to confirm vaccine booster access. Please know that if you receive this phone call that it is legitimate. Click Here to Complete the Survey.

If your facility does not currently have a vaccine provider, NC DHHS has compiled a roster of vaccine providers which are interested in supporting long term care facilities with COVID-19 vaccine booster doses. This list is posted on their long term care resource page (“Finding a Vaccine Provider for Booster Doses” section).

Contact Patrick Brown at [email protected] with any questions regarding COVID-19 boosters. ​

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