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IDD Providers – Assistance Needed with Scheduling Monitoring Visits

IDD providers: We need your help in scheduling the monitoring visits required for members receiving Innovations services. Each member’s assigned service consultant (care team member who monitors Innovations services) will be contacting you in the very near future to schedule regular monitoring visits. Please work with the service consultant to ensure these visits get scheduled.

TBI Screening Tool

Studies suggest that a significant number of people are being treated by behavioral health professionals and primary care physicians for illnesses and disorders that may have traumatic brain injury (TBI) as an underlying cause. There are a variety of TBI screening tools available, including this one. If you suspect someone may have a TBI, please call the Alliance Access and Information Center at (800) 510-9132 to discuss service options with one of our clinicians.

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February Alliance Board Meeting Cancelled

Due to inclement weather forecasted for our area, Alliance has decided to cancel today’s Alliance board meeting. Our next board meeting is scheduled for March 5, 4pm at 5200 W. Paramount Parkway, Morrisville.

AlphaMCS 2.15 Build Complete

The AlphaMCS build is complete. Please clear your cache and internet browser cookies before logging into the application.

AlphaMCS 2.15 Build

The next AlphaMCS build is scheduled to occur Wednesday, February 05, 2020. The system will be unavailable from 5 pm – 9 pm Please make sure you are logged out of the AlphaMCS system prior to 5 pm.

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Trauma Informed Assessment Learning Collaborative for Cumberland County

Alliance Health and The Center for Child and Family Health are partnering to do a Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Assessment Learning Collaborative for Cumberland County.  Participation is free for selected agencies and clinicians as part of the Tiered Care Coordination grant from the NC Division of MH/I/DD/SAS.  For more information, please click this link for the agency application:

The call will use WebEx for sharing slides and a call-in number for audio. Here are the instructions for how to join this call:

(1) Join via this link.
(2) Enter password: CTIA
(3) Mute yourself on WebEx and call the following number for audio: (919) 391-4235

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NC Council for Women/Domestic Violence Commission Access to Healthcare Survey

The NC Council for Women/Domestic Violence Commission is looking for adult mental health, I/DD and substance use disorder treatment contracted providers to take part in this access to healthcare survey. The survey will assist the Commission in identifying where the trauma-informed care services are available across the state, the types of evidenced-based practices that are provided to victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence, what partnerships exist between behavioral health/IDD providers and victim service agencies and potential training needs. The provider agency survey questions are designed to address how trauma-informed care services and evidenced-based practices are provided to victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence and the relationship the agency has with their local domestic violence and sexual assault providers.  The survey for the agency’s Licensed Professionals will focus on training, delivery of services, clinical practices and engagement of victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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Compliance and Fraud Prevention Training

Alliance offers provider training on ​fraud and abuse of Medicaid and other funds. This training will cover effective compliance plan development, implementation, and assessment of effectiveness in conjunction with fraud/abuse prevention, detection, and investigation. The training will be held on April 29 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm at Alliance’s Home Office (5200 W. Paramount Parkway). Registration is required.

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Provider Maintenance Application Portal

Providers are expected to review and verify referral status at least every 90 days in order to stay active on the referral list that is available to the Call Center and Care Coordination. If referral information is more than 90 days old, the provider is removed from the list and may not be considered for referrals from the Call Center and Care Coordination. Please review the Provider Maintenance-Referral Module webinar that contains more information and instructions.

The application will send a notification to providers when an update is needed. Please log in to the application at that time and update your information. If your referral status is unchanged, simply click the ‘Verify Referrals’ button.

If you are unable to access the system or have any questions/feedback related to the application, email [email protected].

If you have not created an account in the application, please do so and enter your referral status as soon as possible.

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Continuing Ed Training: Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents

“Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents” will focus on the genetic, biological, and environmental risk factors related to depression and suicide in the young.

This workshop will be beneficial for social workers, human service professionals, psychologists, therapists, clinicians, counselors, marriage and family therapists, substance use counselors, educators, parents, and any person who interacts with adolescent youth depression and suicides.

The training will be held February 18, 2020,  9 am – 4:30 pm at Alliance’s Home Office, 5200 W. Paramount Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560

Click here for more information or to register online.

Click here to download a printable registration form.