Beginning Monday, February 4th the following eligibility requirements must be met for individuals and/or families to receive financial assistance through the ILI (Independent Living Initiative) Program. Like many programs, the ILI Program funds are limited and allocated on annual basis.  As we have entered into the second half of this fiscal year, we are having to make adjustments to our level of assistance to ensure there are sufficient funds for the remaining fiscal year and to help those in greatest need.

For individuals and/or families to be eligible for financial assistance through the ILI Program, they must:

  • Actively engaged in Enhanced Services which include:
    • ACTT (Assertive Community Treatment Team)
    • CST (Community Support Team)
    • AE (Assertive Engagement – Housing for New Hope only)
    • Care Coordination
    • IIH (Intense In-Home)
    • MST (Multisystemic Therapy)
    • SAIOP (Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program)
  • Capable of contributing towards the total requested amount utilizing other community resources. As you complete the ILI application on behalf of the applicant, the individual or household must provide documentation of the contribution (i.e., receipt of payment, money order, or certified check). Document(s) should be uploaded into the ILI System along with the application.

Alliance understands the impact this may have on the individuals and families who are served by your agency. We also understand this will require more in-depth conversations regarding how households will sustain housing after the assistance period and utilizing other financial resources that are also in short supply. We are willing to consider extreme financial hardships so please reach out to your local ILI Housing Coordinator for any case consultation or questions.   It is our hope by making these adjustments now, we will have sufficient funds for the remaining fiscal year and no further limits will be necessary.

Page last modified: February 11, 2019