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Alliance Member Realizes His Dreams of Acting

Alliance Care Navigator Casey Robinson shared this essay written by member Kevin Iannucci, who is pursuing his dream to be an actor.

Hello, my name is Kevin Iannucci and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. For as long as I remember, I wanted to be an actor. I can’t pick the exact day I knew but I remember watching TV and in my brain I could see myself being a part of the cast. My two older brothers Daniel and Andrew and their friends made short films. They had me act sometimes as more than one character. I would become someone totally different and it felt amazing; it came easy to me. Andrew was a great director and always made me feel special. I never felt that I couldn’t be an actor because it was so natural. My mom told me that it was hard to get into acting, especially living in Raleigh. That made me feel sad. I kept dreaming about it. I even wrote probably over 100 scripts, and I’m still writing them. I always have a girlfriend or two in my stories!!

I joined a theatre group that paired high school drama students with special needs adults. We created plays through improvisation with the help of a wonderful woman, Sally Kinka. Stepping onto the stage was like stepping through a portal fantasyland. When the final act ends, the lights come up, the applause thunders and my heart burst with pride. I was in six plays. My favorite character was my last one, Dr. Martin Fly. In the story I traveled to the future to save the world. I had a mermaid girlfriend! (Who is now my real girlfriend, Megan.) It was great to be different characters in all the plays we did. Being part of this group gave me the confidence to audition for other plays, including my high school play, “Death Takes a Holiday”. I was given the part of head butler; it was an amazing experience to hang out with the other actors and learn from them.

I enjoyed stage acting but dreamt of being on TV or in movies. Sally moved away and the theater group did not continue. We kept in touch she started a new inclusive theater group in Greensboro NC. She invited me to do a cameo appearance in December. She told my mom that she always knew I would do exactly what I told her the first night we met. I told her I was going to be famous and be in the movies someday.z

My dream became a reality in 2017 when I nailed an in-person callback for a part in a feature film. My parents and I drove to Atlanta and stayed in a fancy hotel. The day we arrived the front desk person greeted me like a star. They smiled and handed me a large packet with my script and instructions. The film business has its own language! I was to land at basecamp early in the morning. Basecamp was a giant black parking lot filled with trucks, trailers and lots of black wires running everywhere. Atlanta in June is HOT; it’s like baking in an oven. Luckily for me when we walked up to a long trailer with many doors; I saw my name on one of them, opened the door and found a small air-conditioned room where I could change or just hang out.

The film crew gets there early to make sure everything is set up and ready. There were many people moving about, some with headsets, the hair and makeup people, drivers and production assistants (PAs). It was like watching a dance. I was escorted to the set by several PAs who passed me along like a football. Everyone knew my name. Walking into scenes was like walking into my dream world. I had never seen anything like it. There were camera men, sound guys, make up and hair people, the director, producers, and lots more. The air was filled with excitement and energy. Once the director called for quiet there was an instant stillness. The room transformed to another place and time, I became my character. When he said cut I was myself again, waiting to hear what he wanted me to do next.

Watching movies we don’t see what all it takes to make one. I was there two days for five scenes. One day was 14½ hours. I wasn’t on the set the whole time. While there, I discovered Craft Services or “Crafties” as they say in the biz. Steaks sizzling on a giant grill, fresh vegetables, all kinds of snacks and the dessert table was heaven on earth! I ate like a king!!! When I was done with my last scene everyone clapped and we hugged hoping to see each other again. I left feeling I had done what I dreamed of. I want to keep doing it and never wake from the dream.

The name is “The Best of Enemies,” which is a true story that happened in Durham, North Carolina. Sam Rockwell is my movie dad, Ann Heche is my movie mom, and Taraji Henson plays Ann Attwater, the lead female character. I attended the Durham premier as a guest of the director Robin Bissell. It was a wonderful night that I will always remember. My second movie came out last November titled “Embattled.” I play the funny friend Patrick of the lead character’s brother Quinn. Hanging out with the cast was a blast and I’m still in touch with them.

You can find the movie on IMDB, look me up and read my bio!!! Right now I’m continuing to audition for whatever comes my way and taking acting lessons online.