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Alliance Health Podcast

Join Dr. Mehul Mankad, Chief Medical Officer of Alliance Health in North Carolina, as he and his guests take a look at the people side of care and how healthcare organizations are starting to think differently about a person's overall well-being. Learn how innovative ideas are influencing the approach to an integrated care model at Alliance Health and beyond.

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Episode 4: Dr. Chuck Browning

Listen as Mehul and Dr. Chuck discuss the vital role that peers can play in healthcare and a person's recovery journey.

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Episode 3: Dwight Hollier

In this episode of the Re-Think and Re-Tool podcast, University of North Carolina Senior Athletic Director Dwight Hollier joins Mehul to discuss the intersection of athletics with health and wellness.

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Episode 2: NC DHHS Secretary Kody Kinsley

North Carolina's Secretary of Health and Human Services Kody Kinsley joins Dr. Mankad. Learn more about Secretary Kinsley and how social drivers of health affect the health outcomes of everyday North Carolinians and what is the state's plan to address some of the challenges. 

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Episode 1: Welcome to the Re-Think and Re-Tool Podcast

In this introductory episode, you'll learn more about Dr. Mehul Mankad, his background, the focus of the podcast, and some things we hope you can walk away with after each and every episode. 

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