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Provider Practice Transformation

This page will help guide our network providers through a process of sustainable change.

What is Practice Transformation?

Practice Transformation refers to a process of change. It is designed to help provider agencies develop the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to shift to measurement-based care and to participate in alternative payment models.

Alliance Health’s success as a health plan is intrinsically tied to the ability of our provider network to deliver high-value and cost-efficient care to our members. To this end, Alliance has developed a practice transformation program to helps guide our network providers through a process of sustainable change. Alliance’s Practice Transformation Program is designed to assist provider agencies develop the tools, skills, workflows, continuous quality improvement processes, and knowledge necessary to make the shift towards measurement-based and outcome-driven care, enabling successful participation in alternative payment models. Practice Transformation is not about developing interventions for providers to implement. It is a supportive process that ensures that provider organizations have the skills, data, and tools to monitor their performance, identify gaps and issues, and implement corrective actions and innovative approaches to improve the delivery of care.

How Alliance Will Work With Practices

Alliance offers a tiered approach to transformation – including a strategic transformation program for large providers and providers seeking Care Management certification. For practices that are not part of a formal transformation process, Alliance will share scorecards on several key measures and provide access to a resource library available on this site.  Support will also be made available upon request from provider organizations who seek help on specific measures or issues.

EHR Funding Opportunity

Alliance Health is providing $1 million to help small providers and historically underutilized providers offset the cost of implementing or updating their electronic health record (EHR) systems. Interested providers should submit the Alliance Health EHR Funding Application. Additional details are available on the application form.

Provider Practice Transformation Academy

Quality Improvement
This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 11/02/2021