The Access and Information Center (Access) uses the ACS Slot Scheduler to make referrals. Providers indicate their availability through the ACS Provider Portal. Providers are asked to follow a specific format when utilizing the slot scheduler. Doing so will help ensure appropriate referrals from Alliance. Additional information is available on the

Alliance website. Providers can also contact the Access and Information Center at (800) 510-9132 with any questions or for further information.

Listed below is a screenshot of the general information required for all appointments regardless of type, as well as additional examples of different appointment types (i.e. Walk-In, Open Access and Scheduled). Access can schedule any appointment type in advance or on the same day. Our policy is to call if an appointment is scheduled with less than 24 hour notice.

Note that this is a template for initial comprehensive clinical assessments (CCA). Access refers only for the initial CCA. Please consider what type of appointment(s) your agency is able to offer and follow the sample provided.

Using the Slot Scheduler

General Appointment by Fields

Field Information Required
Subject Funding type, clinician’s name, if dual diagnosis appointment specify primary diagnosis if applicable (see “disability” below)
Description Agency address including city and zip code, phone number with area code, prescriber availability, language (only if not English), transportation if available, in-home assessment availability and special instructions. Please note if you can serve children under age 5.
Start Time Time that member needs to arrive (remember to include time to do paperwork).
End Time Expected end time of the appointment.
Number of Available Slots Number of appointments offered in this time frame. All fields must be the same for each appointment.
Disability Please select MH, SA, or MH/SA. If needed, please indicate which disability needs to be primary for MH/SA in the subject line.
Age Range Please select Adult, Child, All Ages
Funding Source Please select State, Medicaid or All Funding. Innovations funding is not referred through the slot scheduler and is not included in All Funding. DO NOT select All Funding if you are not contracted for State-funded services.

Examples by Appointment Type

Which type of appointments does your agency want to offer in ACS?  Here is a description of each type of appointment and an example of how to post those appointments in your site schedule. It is important to include ALL of the information in your appointments as shown below to ensure that Access and Information Center staff is making appropriate referrals to your agency.

Scheduled Appointments

This is a set appointment time for a CCA with a clinician.

Subject Medicaid-MH Primary-Jill Martinez
Description 123 Charter Court, Fayetteville, 28303, (910) 555-1212. Prescriber = 2 weeks. Spanish or English. Bring Medicaid card and picture ID. Transportation may be available with advanced notice. In-home assessment available. Facility to fax d/c docs to (910) 779-0777.
Start Time 9:00am
End Time 10:30am
Number of Slots 1
Disability MH/SA
Age Range Adult
Funding Source Medicaid

Open Access Appointments

In Open Access appointments the member can expect to get their assessment AND SEE A PRESCRIBING PRACTITIONER within that same visit. Members can walk-in within the timeframe specified to get an assessment and see a prescribing practitioner. It is important that the term “Open Access” is in the subject line. If members will not see a prescriber the same day it IS NOT an Open Access appointment.

Subject OPEN ACCESS-Main Street Site
Description 401 E. Main Street, second floor, Raleigh 1-855-986-1500. Walk in 8am-3pm for intake and prescriber. Referrals to Open Access are not tied to a specific appointment TIME. Please remind members that they will need to WAIT to be seen. Translation Services available for any language, bring meds/script & Picture ID, IPRS=proof of res/$. Facility to fax d/c docs to (919) 779-0723.
Start Time 8:00am
End Time 3:00pm
Number of Slots 6
Disability All Disability
Age Range All Ages
Funding Source All Funding

Walk-In Appointments

Walk-in appointments offer members a timeframe during which they can walk-in to get their assessment. A walk-in appointment can be scheduled in advance or on the same day. Walk-in does not necessarily mean that member will see a prescriber that day.

Subject WALK-IN-SA Primary
Description 1460 Brightleaf Blvd., Smithfield, 27577, (919) 832-5500. Please remind members that they will need to WAIT to be seen. Prescriber=2 weeks. Bring Medicaid Card & Picture ID, IPRS=Proof of res/$. Facility to fax d/c docs to (919) 755-7857.
Start Time 8:30am
End Time 12:00pm
Number of Slots 4
Disability MH/SA
Age Range Adult
Funding Source All Funding

For additional questions on using appointment types in ACS, please contact the Access and Information Center at (800) 510-9132 and ask to speak with a supervisor.

Troubleshooting Tips for the Slot Scheduler

The Alliance Access and Information Center uses the Alpha Provider Portal to schedule appointments for members with contracted agencies in Wake, Durham, Cumberland and Johnston counties. The only way for a screening to be sent to a receiving provider is by connecting it to an appointment in Alpha. If a provider does not have any appointments available in Alpha the Access and Information Center has no way to send that clinical information.

Clinical Documentation

For every referral the Access and Information Center makes using Alpha one of the following screening tools is completed:

A Screening Report is completed by Access staff for members that are already enrolled in the Alpha system. This includes members with Medicaid from one of the counties we cover or members that have an active enrollment in state insurance. Providers who are only contracted to accept Medicaid referrals from Alliance will only need to look for a Screening Report. Instructions on locating the screening report can be found in Alpha University.

In cases where the member does not have Medicaid and does not have an active enrollment in state insurance, a Partial Enrollment is completed by Access staff and handed off to the provider. Providers that contract with Alliance to provide services to Medicaid and state-insured members should note that referrals will be sent to providers using both of these methods.


Access staff search for appointments using a Keyword function. Careful use of keywords will make your appointments easier to find. Consider spelling words completely rather than using abbreviations. Commonly searched words by Access:

Medicaid Translation Autism
Spanish Transportation Adult
Language Prescriber
Interpreter Child