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HHAeX Update - EVV e-billing

Per the state’s EVV guidance documentation sent to all PHPs in North Carolina, overnight shifts must be split at the time of scheduling and confirming a member’s visit. Please refer to page 9, “Span of Dates” for more information regarding this requirement.

  • What is expected from Providers
      • Do not schedule or confirm a visit that starts and ends on different days (shifts that go past midnight). When scheduling a visit, providers must create two separate visits for the member. See the example below:
        • Visit starts on 11/1 at 6 pm EST and ends on 11/2 at 3 am EST
        • Visit should be scheduled as 6 pm EST – 11:59 pm EST and 12:01 am – 3 am EST (note, if visits are scheduled with the start and end time at midnight this will only require clock-in/clock-out once)
      • Note, HHAeXchange will NOT be able to split shifts that are overnight on the claim to the payer. This will cause an encounter denial and will require the visits to be unbilled, rescheduled, and rebilled to the LME MCO.
      • Shifts should never start or end at midnight (00:00)

Visit our EVV page for more information.

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