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CDC Adds SUD and Mood Disorders as High Risk Underlying Conditions for Severe COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated the list of underlying medical conditions associated with higher risk for severe COVID-19. The list now includes mental health disorders limited to mood disorders, including depression, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Substance use disorder is also on the list of eligible conditions.

CDC recommends a COVID-19 booster shot to people with those conditions who are fully vaccinated. A COVID-19 booster dose is given to a fully vaccinated person to help improve the protection that has decreased over time. Behavioral health providers are encouraged to help the people they serve to understand the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and eligibility for a booster shot.

For more information, read Underlying Medical Conditions Associated with Higher Risk for Severe COVID-19 Information for Healthcare Providers.

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