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AlphaMCS to Alliance Claims System (ACS) Transition for Providers and Trading Partners

Alliance Health will be moving away from AlphaMCS into our own version of the application called Alliance Claims System (ACS). The plan is to have WellSky, the company that hosts AlphaMCS, stop access to AlphaMCS for Alliance Health and associated providers at 5:00pm on April 30, 2021. At this time, the Alliance IT team will work to migrate all existing AlphaMCS data into ACS. We expect this transition to take between 24 to 48 hours. Starting on May 3, 2021, you will use ACS for everything that you currently use AlphaMCS for as it pertains to Alliance Health. Once ACS is live, your login will be the same username and password that you use for AlphaMCS at the time AlphaMCS is turned off for Alliance.

Once you are in ACS, you will notice that the software looks very similar to AlphaMCS. The functionality in ACS is the same as the functionality of AlphaMCS. Alliance Health will notify the providers of any change in this transition via Provider News on the Alliance Health website.

Important Links
The URL for the ACS Provider Portal will be
. Please note that this is a different URL than what you use for AlphaMCS.

       The sFTP for Trading Partners to submit 837 files and receive their response files, 835’s, and daily dump files will be Providers and clearing houses will use the same credentials (username and password) to access the sFTP that they currently use in AlphaMCS. The sFTP will use the same port (22) that is used for sFTP connections.

The application and sFTP will be available for testing between now and April 30, 2021, Tuesdays (starting at 9:00am)-Fridays (4:00pm). The data available in the environment will be refreshed with AlphaMCS data each Friday evening until ACS go-live. Please keep in mind that any data that you enter into ACS during this testing period will NOT become a part of AlphaMCS.

Alliance Health is committed to providing support for ACS.  You will continue to contact the Alliance Health Helpdesk at (919) 651-8500 or [email protected]).

ACS will have an ACS University module that is similar to the University module in AlphaMCS. ACS University module will be in the main menu. This is a resource that you will be able to use to help answer questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What will my username and password be for ACS?
A.  Your initial username and password for ACS will be the same as what you use in AlphaMCS on the day of the transition.

Q. What changes should we expect in ACS?
 A. The URL you will use to do your everyday work with Alliance Health will be different. The product looks very much like AlphaMCS. The login page is different. All references to AlphaMCS have been changed to ACS or Alliance Claims System. All references to WellSky have been changed to Alliance Health. The functionality is the same.

For security purposes, you will be required to enter the sFTP password when utilizing the “Transactional Upload Q” or “Download Q”. You will only need to enter this password the first time you access each of these during a session.

837s submitted to ACS must use the correct submitter and provider IDs that have been provided to you by Alliance Health. This is in adherence to the 837 Companion Guides.

Q. How will I login to ACS?
A. The new URL has been provided earlier in this document. You will use the username and password that you use in AlphaMCS.

Q. Will there be a period of time where I am using both AlphaMCS and ACS?
A. No. The plan is to do a complete cutover from AlphaMCS to ACS.

Q. I am currently responsible for submitting files to (or picking files up from) AlphaMCS via the AlphaMCS sFTP. How do I get those files into (pick those files up from) ACS?
A. Please see the Important Links section referenced above to get the ACS sFTP.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the transition and the question is not covered in this document, please email Jeff Shelley. We will respond as soon as possible if the question is not covered in this document.

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