Clarification-Unique Invoice Numbers and Dates to be Required

This notice does not apply to submission of claims, only to non-URC invoices/expense based invoices.

Beginning September 1, 2018 Alliance providers and vendors must submit invoices which include a unique invoice number and date. Any invoice submitted to Accounts Payable not containing a unique invoice number and date will be returned, which will cause a delay in payment. Invoices can be sent electronically to the Accounts Payable Department using the email address [email protected]. Please do not send invoices to individual AP team members, as this will slow down processing.

For providers:
The required information on the Non-UCR invoice template appears in Red Type. This template is available on the Alliance Website. The required fields for invoice processing include:

  • Provider and project name
  • Contract maximum for project
  • Invoice number, invoice date, service month and invoice amount
  • Grantee’s authorized signature, printed name and title, date and preparer’s phone or email

For vendors:
If you have a purchase order from Alliance, please include the PO number on the invoice to assist the Accounts Payable Department in expediting payments.

Page last modified: August 22, 2018