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Temporary Telepsychiatry Policy Expansion Approved

Alliance is pleased to announce that the State has approved our temporary plan to expand the telepsychiatry policy. The Alliance procedure will allow associate level licensed clinicians to bill outpatient psychotherapy codes virtually. The approved policy also allows group therapy and family therapy to be provided via telehealth.

In addition to these procedures, Research Based Behavioral Health Treatment for autism spectrum disorders will also be covered. Within the next day we will be releasing additional guidance which will include a list of all covered procedure codes and billing instructions as well as effective dates. We hope these changes help provide the additional flexibility needed to maintain a high level of service and continuity of care during this crisis. Our expanded telepsychiatry procedure will remain in place throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Alliance has developed a range of additional options to support the delivery of services to our members. We will be submitting in-lieu of service definitions to the State for Day Treatment, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Due to the nature of these services, we believe in lieu-of definitions that can be used by all providers of these services will allow for the greatest amount of flexibility and financial stability. We are working in conjunction with providers of these services and other LME/MCOs to ensure the services offer the maximum impact and create greater consistency across the different regions.

Although we have developed several additional avenues to immediately support greater service delivery flexibility, we are postponing the announcement of these measures based on information that we have learned today during a call with the State. As soon as possible the State will be releasing additional guidance and flexibilities for the delivery of enhanced behavioral health services. In hopes of creating greater consistency across the system, we would like the opportunity to receive and evaluate this information before deciding if Alliance needs to implement additional measures. We will update the network as we receive this new information. If you have any questions on the information contained with this announcement please send to [email protected].

Page last modified: March 31, 2020