Recent COVID 19 Prescription Flexibilities

Recent COVID 19 flexibilities (link) have made it easier for providers to provide 90-day prescriptions of most generic and brand name non-controlled medications covered by NC Medicaid. Current flexibilities allow this 90-day supply to be filled when the prescription is either written for 90-day supply or has enough refills remaining to fill for 90 days (Bulletin # 44).

The initial 30-day fill is not required. Controlled substances are excluded from 90-day fills, with the exception of the following allowable up to 90 days:

  • Schedule 2 medications typically prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (i.e. stimulants such as amphetamine combo and methylphenidate, etc.).
  • Medications prescribed for Opioid Use Disorder Medication Assisted Treatment and paid for via the point of sale outpatient pharmacy program (i.e. buprenorphine/naloxone products).

In addition, NC Medicaid (link) encourages beneficiaries to request, and pharmacy providers to mail or deliver via courier prescriptions to beneficiaries, during the COVID-19 pandemic to achieve better social distancing within their community.

In the interest of supporting adherence to antipsychotic as well as other medications, Alliance Health is making providers aware of this information so they can continue to work with their patients and their pharmacy around 90 day prescriptions with mail or home delivery whenever possible.