Public Comment Invited Regarding Potential Changes to Peer Support Certification in NC

A public comment period is now underway regarding recommendations for the occupational regulation of peer support in North Carolina. To review the recommendations and participate in the public comment, please visit by the closing date of September 25, 2020.

Background. In April 2020, the NC Peer Support Expert Commission was convened to consider the regulation of individuals engaged in peer support practice and provide recommendations to the North Carolina Division of MH/DD/SAS. On July 1, 2020, the commission delivered those recommendations, which provide a framework and detailed suggestions for regulation including, but not limited to, Medicaid or state funded peer support. The recommendations resulted from a collaborative and consensus-based process focused on research and analysis of best practices and lessons learned.

Goal. The goal of the recommendations is to bring North Carolina’s occupational regulation of peer support practice into better alignment with established best practices. Best practices include peer-led oversight and preservation of the foundational values and ethics that reflect the community roots of peer support. As a result, these recommendations will impact the training, certification, re-certification, and enforcement of ethical practice requirements for certified peer support specialists.

Key features of the recommendations include: 

  • Creation, powers, and duties of an independent certification oversight board.
  • Board membership and selection.
  • Procedures related to complaints, investigations, and disciplinary actions.
  • Other matters, including reporting, use of fees, and protection of the occupational title.

Please participate so that your perspective and voice are heard. Your input and the input of other individuals and organizations will be important in this process. Please share this with your network today and submit your input before the public comment period ends on September 25, 2020.

Please visit, where you can submit your comments, view the recommendations, find context on occupational regulation in NC and best practices related to peer support, and view the commission member list.

Page last modified: September 23, 2020