Provider Portal – Reminder

Providers are expected to review and verify referral status in the Provider Portal at least every 90 days in order to stay active on the referral list that is available to the Call Center and Care Coordination. If referral information is more than 90 days old, the provider is removed from the list and may not be considered for referrals from the Call Center and Care Coordination. More information and instructions can be found at Alliance Provider Portal – Alliance Health (

The application will send a notification to providers when an update is needed. Please log in to the application ( ) at that time and update your information. If your referral status is unchanged, simply click the ‘Verify Referrals’ button.

If you have not created an account in the application, please do so and enter your referral status as soon as possible.

If you are unable to access the system or have any questions/feedback related to the application, email [email protected]. Passwords expire every 90 days, and you will need to email a request to have it reset.

And, thank you all for your support in this process.