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Provider Financial Stabilization Plan for ICFs

Due to the COVID outbreak, Alliance Health is committed to providing financial support for our Medicaid funded Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF). Below is a 30-day plan with the details and guidelines Alliance will follow to distribute and account for financial stabilization payments. Please note that a provider must be set up on Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to be eligible for these payments.

  1. Alliance will complete a month-end review of bed days billed for April. The review will be completed by May 8, 2020.
  2. Alliance will make a payment to all ICFs that billed in the month of April equivalent to 15% over every unit billed.
    • For example, if a claim paid for member 12345 at $300.00 for April 1, 2020, Alliance will make an additional payment of $45.00. If that rate was paid for 30 days of claims, payment for that member would be $1,350.00 above the current rate.
  3. Payment will be issued by May 19, 2020, to all providers that billed for April by May 7, 2020.
  4. Additional reviews of April claims will be done by May 14 and May 21 to be paid out by May 26 and June 2, respectively.
  5. This plan will be reviewed again on May 1, 2020, as this situation continues to evolve.

Page last modified: April 7, 2020