Prepare now to Protect Records

The State Archives of North Carolina is closely monitoring the progress of Hurricane Isaias and the potential impacts it could have on North Carolina. We are encouraging all agencies to start preparation actions to help protect your records.

  • Stabilize your records storage areas
    • Ensure that records are a minimum of 3-6 inches off the floor.
    • Ensure records are in record boxes and clearly labeled.
    • Remove records for bottom drawers of filing cabinets.
    • Consider relocating records to more secure areas in your building. Move records out of areas prone to flooding such basement and attic areas and away from windows and exterior doors.
    • Cover records with plastic sheeting for additional water protection.
    • Compile some recovery supplies, including plastic sheeting to cover records and additional record boxes.
  • Locate the retention and disposition schedule for the records in your office.  Retention schedules are available on the State Archives website.
  • Compile an inventory of records and location in building.
  • Compile information on disaster recovery vendors.
  • Compile an emergency staff contact list.

If records are damaged by water, the State Archives offers these preliminary resources: Initial Steps Before Recovery of Wet Recordssample inventory control forms, and a selected list of disaster recovery services.

If you have further questions on disaster preparation or in the event that your records do get impacted by a disaster event, please contact the State Archives immediately. We encourage you to try cell numbers first as most Archives employees are still teleworking due to COVID-19.

  • Becky McGee-Lankford (Government Records Section Chief)
    • 919 814-6903 (office)
    • 919 612-0488 (cell)
  • Sarah Koonts (State Archivist)
    • 919 814-6876 (office)
    • 919 244-5944 (cell)
  • Mark Holland (Records Analysis Unit Head)
    • 919 814-6908 (office)
    • 704 880-8287 (cell)
  • Cindy Bradley (Collections Management Branch Head)
    • 919 814-6849 (office)
    • 828-659-4564 (cell)

Records Analysts are also available to assist you with record retention questions.  Their contact information is located on the State Archives website at:

Page last modified: August 3, 2020