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Prepare now to protect records

We are encouraging all agencies to start preparation actions to help protect your records.

  • Stabilize your records storage areas
    • Ensure that records are a minimum of 3-6 inches off the floor.
    • Ensure records are in record boxes and clearly labeled
    • Remove records from bottom drawers of filing cabinets
    • Consider relocating records to more secure areas in your building. Move records out of areas prone to flooding such basement and attic areas and away from windows and exterior doors.
    • Cover records with plastic sheeting for additional water protection.
    • Compile some recovery supplies, including plastic sheeting to cover records and additional record boxes.
  • Locate the retention and disposition schedule for the records in your office.
  • Compile an inventory of records and location in building.
  • Compile information on disaster recovery vendors.
  • Compile an emergency staff contact list.

If records are damaged by water, the State Archives offers these preliminary resources: Initial Steps Before Recovery of Wet Recordssample inventory control forms, and a selected list of disaster recovery services.

If you have further questions on disaster preparation or in the event that your records do get impacted by a disaster event, please contact the State Archives immediately.

  • Becky McGee-Lankford (Government Records Section Chief)
    • 919-807-7353 (office)
    • 919-612-0488 (cell)
  • Sarah Koonts (State Archivist)
    • 919-807-7339 (office)
    • 919-244-5944 (cell)
  • Mark Holland (Records Analysis Unit Head)
    • 919-807-7358 (office)
    • 704-880-8287 (cell)

Page last modified: September 11, 2018