Provider Resource Portal

New and Improved Provider Maintenance Application Available

Alliance is excited to present the new and improved Provider Maintenance Application. The Provider Maintenance Application will serve as a way for providers to maintain and update information on their credentialed sites, specialties and ability to accept referrals. This is only phase one of the portal and as Alliance continues to develop and grow the information contained within the portal, this application will provide information into Alliance’s Provider Directory for members, stakeholders, and providers to use when helping Alliance members research treatment options and access treatment.

Providers who have not already created a profile should do so, and include information outlining their ability to accept referrals by funding source, for each identified site, service and specialty. Providers will be able to update their ability accept referrals for these categories, in real time, by updating their profiles in the application.

To access the application, providers may log in at: Providers will see in the upper right corner area a User Guide which may also be accessed via this link:

Through participation in the Provider Maintenance Application, providers will be able to keep Alliance informed of their ability to accept referrals for specific services, or at specific locations. Providers with updated profiles will be eligible to receive referrals directly from Alliance departments including Access and Care Coordination. Information collected through the portal will also be used to inform network adequacy and capacity. Questions about the Provider Maintenance Referral Application can be directed to Alliance’s Provider Helpdesk ([email protected]) or to Provider Network Development Specialist Melissa Payne at [email protected] or 919-651-8801.

This portal is also used for reporting provider accreditation status. All accredited (CARF, CQI, The Joint, COA) are required to inform Alliance of their accreditation status. If you have any questions regarding the use of the portal please contact Melissa Shaffer at (919) 812-9906 or email [email protected].

Providers are expected to enroll in the system, and review the information contained within their profile no later than January 31, 2019. All providers enrolled in the system are strongly encouraged to also review and update their profiles, especially their ability to accept referrals, on a routine basis, and at minimum every 90 days.

Alliance will create and post a webinar training to the Alliance website for providers during the first quarter of 2019. When it is completed providers will be informed of where to find it on the Alliance website.

Page last modified: February 11, 2019