Guidance For GT/CR Modifiers

On Thursday April 16, 2020, the Division of Health Benefits (NC Medicaid) issued Special Bulletin COVID-19 #46:  Behavioral Health Service Flexibilities.  Alliance has completed adding the codes associated to the flexibilities into Alpha.

GUIDANCE FOR GT/CR Modifiers: Click here for the list of GT and/or CR modifiers that have been added to provider contracts effective March 10, 2020. These codes were added to Medicaid and State contracts for existing providers of these outpatient and enhanced service codes as outlined below.

Providers will be required to utilize the codes/modifiers for any of the service flexibilities that are being provided with service dates starting on and after May 23, 2020.  HOWEVER, the codes are currently active in Alpha and providers can choose to use the codes prior to May 23, 2020, as their billing systems allow.

Important to Note: 

  • Providers that will deliver these services via audio/visual to COVID-19 must add both modifiers (GT and CR) to the code when submitting for reimbursement.
  • If the services are delivered telephonic only, then the provider will only use the CR code.

Providers that have submitted claims prior to this notification will not be required to resubmit claims at this time.  Please use the GT CR and CR modifiers to COVID related service delivery with claims submitted with dates of service no later than May 23, 2020.

List of GR and/or CT modifiers.

Page last modified: May 11, 2020