Follow-up Visit Within 7 Days After Inpatient Mental Health or Substance Abuse Stays

Inpatient crisis stabilization is important, but it is only the beginning of care. A follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness and ongoing treatment is essential for several reasons:

  • Individuals are vulnerable after discharge
  • Follow-up care helps individuals maintain stable functioning
  • Gains made during inpatient care are more likely to be kept with follow-up treatment

Follow-up care after hospitalization helps improve health outcomes and prevent readmissions. Follow-up within seven days after discharge has been associated with greater medication adherence and outpatient utilization.

Providers are expected to participate in discharge planning and follow-up with any individual who was open to services with their agency prior to the admission. All requests for new appointments for individuals being discharged from an inpatient, facility-based crisis or detox setting should be scheduled to occur no later than seven days after discharge date, preferably within three days of discharge. Visits that occur on the same date of discharge do not count.

Thank you for your cooperation, which enables us to comply with NC DHHS requirements, as well as helps ensure that our individuals receive the service they need when they need it.