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Clozapine Virtual Learning Collaborative And Survey

Clozapine Virtual Learning Collaborative

On Monday, January 20, SMI Adviser is starting a Virtual Learning Collaborative on clozapine. This is an opportunity for psychiatrists and NPs to start prescribing clozapine or increase their clozapine skills and prescribing. Enrollment is limited and this will fill fast. Sign up is at:

Clozapine Survey

SMI Advisor needs your help in in defining best practices for delivery of clozapine. Effective use of clozapine requires that clinicians and patients be part of a clozapine system of care. These can take many forms. We would like to obtain information on the clozapine systems that are currently in use, to inform best practices for clozapine.

Please complete a survey about the systems within which you provide or manage clozapine: This survey is delivered by SMI Adviser. There will be a raffle for a a copy of The Clozapine Handbook in connection with the survey. If you have any trouble completing the survey, or questions, please contact Alex Young [email protected].

Page last modified: January 17, 2020