Ann Oshel Presents Donation to NC Justice Center

Last month, Alliance Health Senior Vice President, Community Health and Well-Being Ann Oshel received the Making a Difference Award from the Association for Community-Affiliated Plans, which came with a cash donation to a cause of Oshel’s choosing. This week, she presented the donation to the North Carolina Justice Center, a leading progressive research and advocacy organization.

The Justice Center’s mission is to eliminate poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household in the state has access to the resources, services, and fair treatment it needs to achieve economic security.

“The North Carolina Justice Center represents every facet of the lives of the people we serve and the mission of Alliance to eliminate health disparities and help people in economic distress,” Oshel said.

Bill Rowe, General Counsel and Deputy Director of Advocacy for the Justice Center, said that the donation is much needed and appreciated by the center,  “Donations give us a great deal of flexibility to invest in the advocacy and other work that we might not be able to find grants for,” Rowe said.

“Alliance has been a great partner over the years in trying to open up opportunities around affordable housing for folks and making sure they get the health services they need.” Rowe said. “I’ve seen Ann be a tremendous advocate, pushing the envelope and getting things done.”

The Justice Center pursues its goal through a five-strategy approach of litigation to protect and expand the rights of workers, consumers, immigrants, and families with low incomes, public policy advocacy to protect and expand economic security, research to develop policy recommendations that promote shared prosperity, community outreach to create movements for change, and communications to inform the public dialogue and influence state policy.

“Our work would not be possible if it weren’t for the work of the Justice Center,” Oshel said.

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Page last modified: July 28, 2020