Text message on phone

Alliance Health Initiates Digital Communications to Improve Member Health

Alliance Health has launched a digital communications effort to better engage members with their healthcare needs. The pilot program, which began in July, is a population health strategy focused on improving health literacy and providing education and outreach to the people Alliance serves.

“As Alliance prepares to operate a tailored plan as part of North Carolina Medicaid Transformation, this is one of many technologies we are implementing to empower our members to manage their health,” said Alliance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mehul Mankad.

Members may receive text messages related to resources that can help them stop using tobacco or maintain a healthy weight, remember to take their medication as directed, and follow up with their primary care physician about recommended healthcare screenings or lab work, such as blood glucose tests. The messages will encourage members to call their doctor with any questions.

Members can choose to opt in or out of receiving future text messages at any time during the outreach campaigns, and they may also receive automated calls to update their contact information.

The initiative, which uses an engagement platform developed by HealthCrowd, is part of Alliance’s diverse approach to educating and engaging members through multiple touchpoints and communication formats. Alliance’s vision for engagement of members and individuals who support them includes:

  • Being an active participant, based on one’s cultural values and beliefs.
  • Sharing in decision making, valued and respected as an equal partner
  • Understanding one’s healthcare needs and options and expressing individual preferences
  • Informed choice about accessing services and supports.

“Providing opportunities for education and outreach through digital communication channels will become increasingly important as we focus on an integrated care model to help engage members as they make informed decisions about their healthcare needs,” said Doug Wright, Alliance’s Director of Community and Member Engagement.

Alliance Community Health & Strategy Manager Lori Caviness, who has been instrumental in developing the initiative, called early feedback and indicators such as opt-in rates are “preliminarily positive.” She said the program will be under evaluation as implementation progresses and optimized as appropriate.