Alliance Board member Dave Curro

Alliance Board Member Receives National Recognition

Alliance Board member Dave Curro has been recognized with an honorable mention for ACAP’s national Leadership in Advocacy Award.

ACAP is the Association For Community Affiliated Plans, a policy and advocacy group comprised of not-for-profit health plans across the county that share a mission to provide high-quality health care to people with low incomes and complex health care needs. Alliance is an ACAP member and Alliance CEO Rob Robinson serves on the ACAP Board of Directors.

For years, Dave has acted as a strong and tireless advocate for his adult son Bret, who has an intellectual/developmental disability, to have access to the help and support that has empowered him to secure and maintain a job and live successfully and independently in his own apartment. He also leads Next Step support groups in both Durham and Wake counties, mentoring group members to understand often nuanced and complex issues – political and otherwise – allowing them to advocate themselves in an informed and strategic manner. The expertise he has developed over years of his own advocacy has helped make this group integral in convincing state legislators to consider a significant number of additional slots for the NC Innovations waiver.

Dave has served on the Alliance Consumer and Family Advisory Council for years, including tenure as the group’s chair, and brings invaluable insight to the Alliance Board from his perspective as an advocate and a father of an individual with a disability.

Alliance congratulates Dave Curro for receiving this prestigious and well-deserved recognition.

Read the full award nomination.

Page last modified: March 3, 2020