The Transitions to Community Living Initiative is the result of the State of North Carolina entering into a settlement agreement with the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) on August 23, 2012. The purpose of this agreement is to assure that persons with mental illness are allowed to reside in their communities in the least restrictive settings of their choice. The agreement is the end product of over a year of negotiations between the State and the USDOJ.

Learn more about the settlement and the Transitions to Community Living Initiative.

TCLI Voucher

As part of the Transition to Community Living Initiative across North Carolina, Alliance and the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency are proud to implement and administer the Transition to Community Living Voucher. This voucher program provides an opportunity to bring high-quality affordable housing to individuals throughout Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties. By partnering with Alliance, property owners around our region have received the benefit of timely subsidy payments and superb customer service, and have made a valuable contribution to our mission to make housing part of a holistic healthcare strategy. The TCLV program provides direct rent subsidy payments, excellent administrative oversight, and direct contact with Alliance staff to ensure superior customer service. We offer a higher level of responsiveness and greater oversight than other rent subsidy program. Alliance staff work in partnership with property owners throughout tenancy to ensure success, and troubleshoot any issue that arises. Property owners can receive holding fees and can utilize our Special Claims in the event of damages or vacancies.

Every individual served by Alliance with the TCL voucher receives a normal lease like any other renter in North Carolina. Along with a lease, the individual, the property owner and Alliance enter into an additional contract called the Owner Contract. This contract provides additional coverage and support to all three parties and clearly delineates the payment structure for the voucher program. Property owners will receive direct rental payments from the individual equal to 20% of their income, and Alliance pays the remainder of the Fair Market Rent in the form of the voucher subsidy. While this means that property owners receive two payments each month, the Owner Contract ensures Alliance provides direct electronic payment.

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