Is Alliance Health a whole new company?
No, it is the same company you’ve known for years as Alliance Behavioral Healthcare. This is just a name change.

Why the name change in the first place?
As Alliance approaches its future operating a Tailored Plan in North Carolina (see information below), we recognize the importance of having our name more accurately reflect the integrated whole-person care – physical, behavioral and pharmacy – we will be providing to our members.

Does Alliance Health have the same provider network as Alliance Behavioral Healthcare?
Yes, there are no provider network changes associated with this name change.

Do I have a different care coordinator or other contact person at Alliance Health?
No, your contacts at Alliance Health do not change due to the name change. 

Will anything happen to any services that have been authorized for me?
No, nothing.

What will change down the road as part of Medicaid Transformation in North Carolina?
As part of Medicaid Transformation, over the next few years our state will create two new kinds of health plans that will serve most Medicaid and NC Health Choice beneficiaries, including individuals currently served by our state’s LME/MCOs. These plans will be referred to as Standard Plans and Tailored Plans.

What is a Standard Plan and who will it serve?
Standard Plans will serve the majority of Medicaid and NC Health Choice beneficiaries, providing physical and behavioral healthcare, along with pharmacy services, to people with lower intensity behavioral health needs. The current timeline calls for Standard Plans to take effect in late 2019 through early 2020.

What is a Tailored Plan and who will it serve?
Tailored Plans will serve people with more severe mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and long-term needs including intellectual/developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury. The Tailored Plans will provide integrated physical health, behavioral health, and pharmacy services to their members. Alliance Health anticipates being chosen to operate a Tailored Plan. The current timeline calls for Tailored Plans to take effect in mid-2021.

How will people be notified of these Medicaid Transformation changes?
Individuals will receive full information about future changes regarding their health plan well in advance of those changes.

More information about Medicaid transformation is available on the NC Department of Health and Human Services website at

Page last modified: May 21, 2019