Alliance Crisis and Assessment Centers provide licensed clinicians to meet with you and help assess your treatment needs. If immediate services are needed, staff from the Center will work with you and Alliance to find an appropriate treatment setting prior to you leaving the Center.

There are also facilities in Durham, Wake and Cumberland counties that are an alternative to inpatient hospital setting available within the community. They can provide stabilization services to individuals experiencing both mental health and substance abuse related crisis.

Adults (18 and older) may be assessed and if needed admitted for mental health crisis stabilization and detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol in a safe environment at the following in-network Crisis and Assessment Centers.

You can walk-in or call (800) 510-9132.

Crisis and Assessment Center Locations

Durham Recovery Response Center

Durham Recovery Response Center

309 Crutchfield Street, Durham
(24 hours a day)

UNC Health Care at WakeBrook

UNC Health Care at WakeBrook

107 Sunnybrook Road, Raleigh
(24 hours a day)

Community Mental Health Center at Cape Fear Valley Crisis

Community Mental Health Center at Cape Fear Valley

1724 Roxie Avenue, Fayetteville
For immediate help in Cumberland County call (800) 510-9132

Behavioral Health Division, Johnston County Health Dept.

521 North Brightleaf Boulevard, Smithfield
(Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm)

When Should I Go to a Crisis and Assessment Center?

You should go to a Crisis and Assessment Center if you:

  • Feel you want to hurt others or yourself
  • Are hearing voices or are told you are talking to yourself
  • Are intoxicated and have someone to bring you safely to a Center
  • Are depressed or too sad to take care of yourself or others

Page last modified: January 2, 2020