Alliance Health offers an array of trainings in multiple formats for a variety of audiences, including citizens and stakeholders across our communities as well as members of our provider network. Depending on whether you are interested in a live, in-person training or a web-based training, this page will explain how to get more information.

Want to register for live, in-person trainings? Please see our available events below and use the links to learn more and to register. Or, you can register through the Alliance web-based calendar. To make it easier, you may choose “Trainings” from the Event Category drop down menu to the left of the calendar. Many of these are part of the Alliance Recovery Series, a diverse selection of recovery and self-determination focused workshops and trainings provided to the entire Alliance community.

Recovery University will now be your home for Alliance online trainings. Recovery University allows you the opportunity to increase your knowledge around recovery and self-determination principles and improve your life, or the lives of people in our community or people you serve directly.

Live, In-Person Trainings/Events

What is the Recovery Series?

The Recovery Series is a diverse selection of workshops and trainings provided to the entire Alliance community that are recovery and self-determination orientated and encourages self-directed care in a way that impacts the overall health of our communities. Our Recovery Series was the result of Alliance’s Recovery Initiative team that looked at establishing Alliance as a Managed Care Organization that operates within the principles of a “Recovery Oriented System of Care.”

Here are the 12 courses in our Recovery Series:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Mental Health 101
  • Darkness to Light
  • Recovery and Self-Determination
  • Families in Distress
  • Working with Latino Transition Age Youth
  • WRAP
  • Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Language
  • Recovery Practices and Dignity of Risk
  • Medication Education and Treatment Options
  • Supported Employment
  • Evidence Based Practices

If you’re interested in having us hold one of these trainings in your community, please contact James Osborn, Director of Community Education and Outreach, at [email protected]

Recovery University Online Trainings

Recovery University is your home to register for online trainings presented by Alliance. Plus, you will have access to a number of additional courses to take at your leisure. To create your new online account, click here.

Not seeing a session available for the training  you’re interested in taking listed above? Email James Osborn, Director of Community Education and Outreach, at [email protected].

Want to know more about the trainings we offer? Take a look at the short videos below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account to take an online training?
Yes. To register for any online training, you must create an account for Recovery Univ. Please watch the video below on how to create your account. To sign up for a live, in-person training, simply click the link above and provide your name and email address only.

Is there a cost to sign up for Recovery University?
No, registration for Recovery University is free. All Alliance online trainings are free. However, some self-paced (online) learning courses may have a cost but those will be noted.

I’m having trouble signing in or additional troubles with my Recovery University account?
Please contact Relias Learning at 844-735-2223

I have additional questions about the course, the time, the location?
For all questions related to a specific course that are not technical assistance related, please contact us at [email protected]

Page last modified: July 10, 2019