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Administrative Care Coordinator (NC, Morrisville)

The Administrative Care Coordinator is responsible (under the supervision of a licensed Care Coordinator) for providing coordination of services to individuals in the Special Health Care needs population. This is accomplished through providing a person-centered approach, by linking persons to the appropriate level of care and support, providing technical assistance to providers, individuals and community stakeholders, and providing education about the system of care approaches.


  • Coordinate needs with licensed care coordinators to maximize staff resources and minimize duplication of efforts
  • Ensure that assessments, person-centered plans, discharge plans, and crisis plans are completed and shared with providers that the individuals are linked
  • Remove barriers to treatment
  • Assist individuals with arranging appointments
  • Educate individuals about other available supports as recommended
  • Ensure that services for the individual are coordinated across the MCO and with other systems, including primary care
  • Proactively respond to an individual?s planned movement outside the MCO geographic area to ensure changes in their Medicaid County of eligibility are addressed prior to any loss of service
  • Proactively monitor own documentation to ensure that issues/errors are resolved as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that all clinical documentation (e.g. goals, plans, progress notes, etc.) meet state, agency and Medicaid requirements
  • Maintain medical record compliance/quality, as demonstrated by =95% compliance on Qualitative Record Reviews
  • Ensure timely documentation of Care Coordination activities as required by department policy and procedures
  • Understand initiatives, programs and daily duties carry out the work that defines Alliance according to our mission vision, and values
  • Self-monitor progress with members and problem-solve ways to achieve care coordination goals
  • Follow all policies and procedures (and suggest improvements)
  • Identify opportunities for quality improvement/ implement improved processes
  • Ensure timely documentation of care coordination activities


Page last modified: May 15, 2019