The principle of self-determination is based on the recognition of the right and need of consumers and their families to have the freedom to make their own choices and decisions. At Alliance, we are here to support our consumers and families in those decisions, to honor and respect those decisions, and to be a resource in helping to attain their goals and independence. Everyone deserves to live happily and usefully whole.

Self-determination is about being empowered to speak out for one’s rights and to achieve one’s own goals and dreams. In the case of self-determination for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities it also involves having control over the services that he or she receives.

True self-determination includes being a valued and contributing member of one’s community, working and being paid competitively at a job, having real choice and control over one’s own life, goals and finances, and living in one’s own home or the home of one’s own choosing.

Here are a couple of links to websites that provide more information:

The Arc
North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities
Other I/DD resources

To access print materials (limited availability) or to schedule a member of your local Alliance Community and Member Engagement Team to speak to your group about recovery, self-determination and stigma, use the appropriate contact information below:

Durham County – [email protected]
Wake County – [email protected]
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