• Care Coordination

    Links individuals and families with special health care needs to services and supports in an effort to maximize potential outcomes, decrease the unnecessary use of emergency services and ensure quality care.

  • Administration

    Oversees all organizational program activity, ensuring continuity of services and developing community partnerships. Encompasses communications and public relations, HR, training, compliance, legal, and special projects.

  • Business Operations

    Provides strong financial accountability relating to budgeting, billing, claims, auditing and financial analysis of revenue and expenditures, and contracts with providers and vendors.

  • Community Health and Well-Being

    Focused on promoting quality partnerships and collaborative change and redesigning systems of care to improve health outcomes and promote healthy communities. We work to improve quality of life for all the people we serve by helping them understand their health care better, and giving them tools and resources to actively engage in their care.

  • Community and Member Engagement

    As part of Community Health and Well-Being, Community and Member Engagement works to ensure that the voices of individuals and families are heard and integrated at all levels at Alliance, seeking to empower them through education and exposure to resources. The department is staffed entirely by people with lived experience.

  • Access and Information Center

    The Center maintains the 24/7 Access and Information Line to ensure that individuals receive timely access to needed mental health, intellectual and developmental disability, and substance abuse services. It provides information about services and resources available within the community and assistance to anyone requesting information about Alliance.

  • Information Technology

    Provides support including network services, help desk services, application development and support, and quality assurance. IT is also responsible for coordination and management of all telecommunications and voice services including billing, equipment and configuration.

  • Provider Network Operations

    Develops and maintains the provider network with a sufficient number, mix and geographic distribution of providers to ensure availability of easy access, quality care and cost-effective services for consumers.

  • Quality Management

    Develops and implements a quality management system including data management and reporting that is integrated philosophically throughout the organization to ensures a quality experience for each consumer.

  • Utilization Management/Care Management

    Ensures that services are medically necessary and monitors consumer treatment to ensure that services are delivered based on consumer need and established clinical guidelines.

Page last modified: January 31, 2020